Meet Suki & Hiro

The faces behind “A Furry Dairy“.

In A Furry Dairy I talk about my two indoor cats. We will share our love and hate, struggles and cuddles in A Furry Diary. Hiro and Suki are both very different cats, which makes it so much fun to watch them.


Born on the 9th of September 2009
Maine Coon / European Short-hair

Suki behaves like she’s the queen of the apartment. She’s a spoiled brat that loves to sleep, play, use her nails on everything and tease Hiro. She is the boss, even though Hiro disagrees with that most of the time. But she is the oldest! She was the first one to step into this apartment.

Her favorite spot is high in the scratching post that is near the window so she can look down on the street. She hates to share that spot, she hates to share almost everything with Hiro. There are often little fights going on, to find out who may have the highest spot in the scratching post.

Suki is picky if it’s about food. She likes fish, meat, bananas and pears, but anything else that doesn’t taste like that she won’t eat. Just like any other brand than her usual dry food she refuses to try. She’s also a truly sweetheart, she doesn’t like to be pet, but only if she wants to, That is when she will seek attention. She will purr and drool, make biscuits on you, headbutt you and even sit on your lap. And she will allow us to pet her!

Other than that, She likes to play, and have a good string game, but only if it’s without Hiro. It’s a love and hate game between those two cats. Without Hiro, Suki would be lonely.


Born on the 1st of June 2010
Domestic Short-hair

The happiest cat around! Hiro always walks around with his tail high up in the sky. He’s just as spoiled as Suki, but more clumsy, has an obsession over anything fluffy or with feathers, and he believes he’s a vacuĆ¼m. He often tries to boss over Suki, even though he knows that is never going to happen. But he’ll keep his hopes up.

Compared to Suki, Hiro is softer. He doesn’t use his nails on everything. He’s crazy, happy and clumsy. He often falls off the scratching post, makes a mess when he is eating and dislikes smells from perfumes, shampoo’s and lotions. But he is much smarter than you think!

His favorite spot is in an old shoe box in the sun or with me on the bed early in the morning., just like the scratching post and his fleece blanket.

He loves to be pet, when and why doesn’t matter, he never growls or hisses, nor does he understand why Suki does, but sometimes he wants to let everyone know he’s still around and meows.

26 Responses to “Meet Suki & Hiro”

    • Dianda

      We got the names from the internet. Like Suki we wanted Hiro to have a short but powerful name. That if we were angry with him, we didn’t had to say out his entire name, haha.

      And we wanted it to end with a vowel. :)

  1. itsapussycatslife

    Two BEAUTIFUL cats… great names! Very pretty pictures! I have two cats myself (hense the blog name ‘Its a pussy cats life’) I absolutly adore cats! I live for my cats, my cats and partner are my life! I dont care what anyone says, ‘CATS RULE’… :-) Very happy to be following your fab blog.

    • Dianda

      Love your blogs name! :)
      And it’s a cat blog! Big chance You’ll be seeing me often. ;)
      Nice to have you around! :D

  2. onespoiledcat

    Dianda your cats are so lovely…..that look on Suki’s face says “I’m in charge” ! And Hiro looks just as you describe him – lovable guy loving life…….

    Pam (and Sammy)

  3. Lonely Daffodil

    Nice blog! What made you name your cats Suki and Hiro? They sound like Japanese names. (I’m originally from Japan, by the way) I’m curious :) I’m always curious like a cat :)

    • Lidia

      Hello! Thank you! :)
      You’re right, they are Japanese names. Me and my boyfriend wanted a short name that ended on an i, o, a, or e. But we didn’t wanted a name like ‘anna’ and he and I are a big fan of Japanese anime and Japanese names. :)

  4. Yu Nei Mi

    Your cats bring back memories. Hiro is looking good. Suki reminds me of a yummy dish I haven’t had for a long time and a handsome but super grumpy cat who has a friend named Hiro. I guess the short names worked! Ya?…. Those names that end with a vowel make scolding, scalding words short and sweet. Like when someone who likes you says “Hey, Stupid! Time to wake up!”. Thank you for the cascade of vivid and unbelievable memories, that can only be imagined in dreams, with classics pulled by an incognito past. Surreal, indeed! I am just realizing that my cat liked me more than I thought — which was quite waaayyy the opposite. Sigh. But what does one do when one blanks out on the golden moment(s) and then when the boulder finally rolls out, there is no way we can play any more? As once before, maybe “I guess, some good things never last.” will work. So…. here are great wishes to my fast, grumpy and sneaky cat from your slow clueless confused dopey. Hope that in another non-toxic time, we can be together like Suki and Hiro. Maybe playing games nicely (or not… hehehe) but like true soul mates. I will cherish all the scratch marks, however deep, along with all the soft tail brushes and loud meowing that I tried so hard to suppress from hearing. Truly wishing you peace, love, health and happiness….. in this lifetime….. and so much much more for everyone in the next …


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