A contest? Yes, you heard that right, a contest!

Because August is the month that I started blogging a year ago (Pfft, I’ve been blogging for a year already!) I thought it was fun — and a good idea to have a contest. The best part of the contest? You can win something!

What do you have to do?
It’s simple — I think.

Write a story, about your cat(s), or cats you used to own, rescued, feral, experiences with shelter cats, neighbor cats, cat’s from your family. As long as you didn’t stole the cat from the internet. The story can be sad, happy, funny, dramatic or even horror(?) if you want to. It’s all up to you. As long as it’s a story about a cat you have known personally (for example: How did you meet your cat? Your cat’s personality, Your cat’s crazy adventures, how your cat changed your life, the obstacles you and your cat had to go through. Really, just blurring out ideas here!). As long as the story is true.

You can send in your story till the 31st of August. From there on there will be chosen out the best 4 stories — not by me. And on September the 12th I will put them up for voting till september the 30th . My blog followers, or anyone who visits this blog can vote for the best story. See more information below…


  1. It needs to be cat related. Sure, I love dogs, and bunnies. But this is a cat blog. Cat-stories only, please! Of course I don’t mind if dogs are in the story as well. But the main subject has to be cats.
  2. I don’t really mind about spelling mistakes. But no text talk.
  3. You have to mail your story to me with the title ‘Cats & Co Contest‘ Also add your name (first and last), age, which country you are from (and with a picture (or more) if you have one — don’t worry if you don’t — of the cat your story is about) into the mail.
  4. You have to be following the Cats & Co Facebook page or Cats & Co’s Twitter @ Catsnc0. (With a zero, not an ‘o’)
  5. You have to follow this blog.
  6. The story has to be at least around 300/400 words. It’s not a problem if it’s longer than that.
  7. Your story (and picture(s)) will probably be published on this blog. And I will use your last name and first letter of your first name when publishing.
  8. You can send in your story till the 31st of August.
  9. On September the 12th till 30th you can vote. Winner will be known between the 30th and 5th of October.
  10. I will email the winner personally for address information. And post who the winner is on this blog.
  11. If I’m not sure whether your story is real or not, I might disqualify you from the contest.
  12. One story per person!
  13. The story has to be true. (experiences)
  14. Feel free to title your story.

What Is In It For You?
A goodie-bag! It won’t be a huge goodie-bag — I’m not rich, aye –  but it will be filled with cat goodies like toys, treats and anything nice!
And maybe even a home-made Cats & Co toy? Who knows! It will all be a surprise, for you and your cats!

E-mail information
See the rules (rule number 3) for more information.

You can send the story to Catsnco (at) hotmail (dot) com.

Remember, you can send in your story till the 31st of August.

For questions you can either comment on this blog-post, or email me to the same address.

I’m excited for sure! What about you?

This contest is closed!

15 Responses to “Contests”

  1. heretherebespiders

    Okay – but I warn you, it made me cry reading it for the first time in over seven years. There’s four photos, none are great as they had to be scanned from – gasp- prints! They might be too big though, I let hubby do the scanning… Will email shortly!

    • Dianda

      Good! :) I’ll think I’ll put up 4 instead of 5 up for voting. Not sure tho, but it’s because I didn’t get much mails, hahaha. :P


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