About Cats & Co

Welcome to Cats & Co!

A place where everything is about cats. Informative and entertaining. This is a place where you can find tips, information about cats, cat breeds, health, History and much more. So don’t worry, I won’t post every cute cat picture I find on the internet.

What I want to do with Cats & Co is to show (soon to be) cat owners and non-cat owners how great cats are. How did domestic cats become domestic? How did it all started? To de-claw or not to de-claw? And what is a cat exactly? Why do they scratch the paper off the wall, and why do they always hang in the curtains? When do I go to the vet?

I like to do some research. Get to know more about things I don’t know much about, and share that with fellow cat-lovers. My recources are; Books, Internet and experience. Experience is important, cats can teach you things you can’t always find back in the books. Every cat is different, and so is every experience.

And even though English is not my first language, I work hard on my grammar. The reason why I want this to be English and not in Dutch? English is an international language. Almost everyone can read it and understand it.


I want to share my knowledge, what I have learned, what I have researched with the rest of the world. Cats & Co is my place to share everything I have learned. It’s not always informative stuff, sometimes they’re funny images or video’s just to cheer you up — or myself. But the informative stuff I share is what I think is important to know when you own a cat.

Your cat is your teacher, open up and they can teach you beautiful things.

I am not a vet. I’m not a cat behaviorist.
I will do my very best to help you out. But never, never hesitate to call your vet when something is troubling you about your cat.

So here it is, Cats & Co!
Cats here, cats there, cats everywhere.

– Lidia

55 Responses to “About Cats & Co”

  1. Alexandra

    Hey, I thought I’d let you know.

    Every time when I want to get to your page clicking on the link to you blog in my comments ( you know, the one you can see in your comment section, straight under the gravatar) it brings me to the wordpress page which tells me your blog doesn’t exists and offers me to press another link which then leads to your blog)
    The first time I did it, I thought I pressed something wrongly, but now I did it again, just to see what it will do and again it showed me that ‘the blog doesn’t exist’ page.

    I don’t know if it happens only to me, but I thought you should know anyway.

    • Dianda

      You’re right! I just clicked my link, it said It didn’t exist and offered me two other links (one was catsnco).

      I don’t know why it does that. :/

      Thanks for letting me know. :)

      • Alexandra

        You can try to contact the support guys, although they can be really hard to catch sometimes. I just thought that bug might be stopping some visitors from getting to your site. I knew you existed so I kept looking for you, but somebody new might believe the blog really doesn’t exist.

      • Dianda

        Hm, yea sounds like a plan. I’ll see if I can contact any of the support guys.

        And I just thought about that as well. Hm, weird.

  2. Kristina

    Hello Dianda :D What an exciting page you have! And congratulations on your award :) I though I will stop by to say hello and thank you for subscribing to my little blog :D

  3. lscotthoughts

    Hi Dianda,

    Just letting you know I finally created a blogroll and you are on it as Dianda’s Cats. If you prefer to be listed differently, please let me know!
    Lauren :)

    • Dianda

      Really Lauren? That’s so sweet of you! Thank you so much! In return I’ll put your blog in my blogroll as well. I was thinking of adding some anyway! :)

      And the title is perfectly fine! :)

  4. minlit

    WOW – I would never have picked up that English isn’t your first language – and I’m normally pretty sharp on that kind of thing.

  5. dogdaz

    Nice blog – the animals are enjoying it. Come visit us at DogDaz, we have cats too. Keep up the good blogging – DogDaz

  6. Subhan Zein

    I had a lovely joyride in your blog. Do visit mine, and see whether you’ll enjoy it too! :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday, my friend! :-)

    Subhan Zein

  7. minlit

    Hey, I like the purple. I normally ready your posts in my mail preview, so I didn’t notice until now. Very nice!

  8. Herman

    Dianda, thanks for mentioning my blog on your Blogroll. Appreciate it!

    • Dianda

      Hello Jessica! Thank you so much for your reply back! What a surprise! Not many people do that. :)
      That picture is absolutely beautiful! Thank you! :D
      Hope you have a nice day too! and happy Blogging!

  9. Sid Dunnebacke

    Everything I need to know about cats – how can I not sign up for that? My four will for sure appreciate me being here. Now, if there were just a similar site about daughters…

    • Dianda

      Hi Sid! Welcome to Cats & Co!
      Haha, I don’t have any daughters, so I can’t help you with that, sorry!
      Hope to see you around!

  10. kayuk2013

    Hello Dianda, I have been traveling through your blog for the last hour or so and I really like it! I have 6 cats of my own, and one dog who thinks she’s my mother and constantly gets pushed around by the rowdy herd of cats.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. You can find more about it tomorrow on my blog at FlakesOfLife.com
    Well, I must rush off to find more victims, but I’m following your blog now so I don’t lose the directions on the twisty-turny roads of Bloggerville. Happiness, health and hugs to you and yours….Vickie

    • Dianda

      Hi Vickie! Thanks for looking around! :) Thank you for nominating me! I’ll take a look at your blog asap!
      It’s a little bit quiet around the blog here lately, but you know how life can be. ;)


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