The Blessings Unleashed Foundation

Today is a day that I won’t talk about cats, but about dogs! I know, I know — this is a cat blog! But I also know that some of the cat owners here also own a dog. And because this foundation is very special, and because I was asked to write about it, I want to show you guys what these amazing people do with these amazing dogs.


Animals can do great things for children(and adults) with autism. And the people from BUF know this too.

JakeBlessings Unleashed Foundation is a national program designed to help children with autism, by turning rescue dogs into heroes. Their commitment is to enrich the lives of people with autism by training and placing highly skilled service dogs. They accomplish this by using dogs that originally come from shelters and who show a natural ability for companion work. They train dogs with excellent temperament, strong intelligence and a “spirit to serve”. They train the dogs for their future individualized tasks and educating recipients to utilize and care for their assistance dogs.

How Do They Work?

They start with finding dogs from shelters. Next, their dogs are placed in approved foster homes where they can stay until there’s an opening in the Death Row Dogs Training Program. This is a program in which prison inmates (who receive specialized training as well as the proven psychological benefits for the temporary “ownership” of the dogs) can train BUF’s dogs.

1305369_10201287490222335_143850130_n-1When the dogs are done in prison, they are placed with BUF’s local trainers. And once a dog is capable to pass the Public Access Test, they are ready to be paired with a child with Autism.

​Blessings Unleashed are doing a great job for children with Autism and their family. Children with autism may interact better with an animal around them. They may even show more (positive) social behaviour, such as talking, laughing, making contact and looking at faces. Animals are not only our loyal companions, but they are also important.

You can find more information about Blessings Unleashed Foundation on their website, their Facebook or subscribe to their newsletter!

All photos in this blog-post are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved to Blessings Unleashed Foundation.

6 Responses to “The Blessings Unleashed Foundation”

  1. fozziemum

    Brilliant foundation and we have seen many programs on tv here about the prison program..such a great help to the dogs..and the children :) and yes I may have four cats..but still I have the two pups….and no I can’t say which species I prefer as I don’t have a fave :) hugs Fozziemum xx


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