Adopt-A-Cat: Tasanee

As many of you may already know, June is Adopt-A-Cat-Month. This means that the entire month is about adopting cats. This gave me a chance to contact shelters in Canada, the UK, the US, Holland and even Belgium. I wanted to put cats in the spotlights. Cats that have been in the shelter for too long, or were just in desperate need of a new, loving home.


Meet Tasanee, a beautiful white Khao Manee. And she’s looking for a new, loving home! But that’s not all, you see, Tasanee is deaf, so she needs people who know how to work with deaf animals. She needs a loving home with lots of stimulation. She also needs attention and to be played with.

Right now Tasanee is not in a cattery or a shelter, but she has her own penthouse suite. If you want to ask about Tasanee , please contact the Cat Reception at Godmanchester.

You can find Tanasee here on

The Animal Charity Wood Green is located in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire, UK. You can find their full address and telephone number here. Please contact them if you’re interested in adopting Tasanee.

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