Adopt-A-Cat: Krista

As many of you may already know, June is Adopt-A-Cat-Month. This means that the entire month is about adopting cats. This gave me a chance to contact shelters in Canada, the UK, the US, Holland and even Belgium. I wanted to put cats in the spotlights. Cats that have been in the shelter for too long, or were just in desperate need of a new, loving home.


Meet Krista, a cat from Cat Care Society. She came to Cat Care Society in October 2001 when she was only 3,5 weeks old. She was adopted in December 2001. But she changed owners somewhere in 2006. Krista had no issues until the boyfriend of the owner started brining his dog over. She started doing her business outside the litter-box when the dog was there. She was terrified of that dog and was brought back to the Cat Care Society in 2006, she has been there for 7 years already(!).

Krista YEOW 1

Krista is affectionate and easy-going. But she is afraid of quick movements, especially by young children. When you move too quick, or unsolicited, she’ll swat at you. So she does best when she”s approached slowly. She’ll be shy at first when given a new home, but adjusts quickly. In the shelter Krista didn’t like to be approached, it has taken a long time to finally gain her trust. She’s also very sweet and loves to be petted, but on her own terms. She doesn’t like to be held of picked up. She gets a lion cut twice a year to maintain her beautiful coat.

This beautiful cat needs a very devoted and very patient human, but you’ll get a sweet and affectionate cat in return.

At the moment Krista is living in the building that houses the office of the Cat Care Society, which is right next to the shelters.


You can find Krista here on

Cat Care Society is located in Lakewood, Colorado. Please contact them if you’re interested in adopting Krista.

Photos by Cat Care Society.

8 Responses to “Adopt-A-Cat: Krista”

  1. dezizworld

    She be so purretty. Meez just dusn’t unnewstand why nopawdy has seen dat. Meez will purray hers finds a pawsum home.

    Luv ya’


  2. fozziemum

    Awwww poor sweet angel being passed by all the time…oh I do despair sometimes…I hope she soon finds a loving home xxxxx


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