Cats Talk With Glands

Cats don’t communicate through meowing and making noises. A part of cats communication is through glands, but is that the only reason they use it? read this post to find out!


Where Are You, Gland?

A cat has scents almost over their entire body: In their mouth, the sides of their head, the pads of their (front) paws, and the base of their tail. These glands are like a fingerprint. Every kitty has its own scent, as it contains a pheromone, that is unique for every cat.

Cats communicate with their scent glands. They let other cats know that they are there, or when a female cat is ready to add another member to the family. If your cat is scratching your couch, she might either think there aren’t enough suitable scratching poles around, or she’s marking her territory. By adding a scratching post near the couch, and one that is bigger than the couch might help with the issue.

Have you ever seen a cat rubbing its face along something? A chair, your legs? Yep, you’re his! He’s owning you, you’re part of his family now. While head-butting is a way to bond with you.


Urine My Way

Cats that aren’t spayed or neutered may spray. It’s not only the males who do this, but female cats may spray as well. When the scent glands on their cheeks or paws aren’t effective enough, they may spray to let everyone know he’s there, and that is his territory. But cats also spray when they feel threatened, stressed or insecure.

You can see it this way: All the glands on the front are used as friendly territory marking, everything at the back is used for not-so-friendly-territory marking.

Smell The Poo

Okay, we’re going to talk anal glands here.

The anal glands of the cat are at the base of the tail, right under there, by the bottom. Those glands are used to mark the poop with an odor that tells other cats that this is someone else territory.


When you’re meeting a new cat, it’s important to let him smell you first, and let her make the first move.


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8 Responses to “Cats Talk With Glands”

  1. heretherebespiders

    My Siamese has very… overactive anal glands. The stuff oozes out and makes a crusty lump on either side of his anus. Yay. I pick it out every so often, a lovely job as you can imagine! It doesn’t smell like poo, exactly, but it isn’t a nice smell if you are human. The Bengal, however, seems to think it is ambrosia as he always has his nose in his “brother’s” heiney!

  2. peacelovenwhiskers

    My girl cat trixie does Eskimo kisses and let’s me kiss her head. She’s very insistant on the under chin rubs. Bubby head blunts often sometimes hard. Buggy rubs the side of his face against mine. Boo loves his nightly head scritches. They keep me busy.


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