Tara, The Hero Cat

I’m probably super late, because you have most likely already heard about Tara. But I think that what Tara did was so amazing, that I can’t help to write about her and what she did.

Cat Saved Child From Dog Attack

About two weeks ago a video appeared all over YouTube and Facebook. It showed a boy on his bicycle, on a surveillance camera. Just a few seconds later the little boy is attacked by a dog. But what the dog didn’t saw coming was a cat that protected the little boy and chased the dog off.

A hero is born.

That cat’s name is Tara. Tara was adopted by the Triantafilo family six years ago. Even though Tara’s action surprised everyone, she had already put the dog back into her place a few times before. But according to Erica Triantafilo — the mother of the boy –, Tara is usually just a very mellow cat.


Erica, (sleeping) Jeremy and Roger Triantafilo.

The four-year-old Jeremy, the boy who got attacked, has been best friends with Tara since the day he was born. She has always been protective over Jeremy, and even slept in his crib when he was a baby.

He needed 10 stitches in his legs, but with Tara on his side, he’s going to be just fine!

Video by Roger Triantafilo.

Tara now has her own Facebook and website.


Photos by NBC & Taratheherocat.com.

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