Cat Of The Month – Cheeto

Last day of March, which means a new Cat of the Month. And this month it’s the cutiepie Cheeto!

Meet Cheeto

2014-01-04-13-29-35Cheeto is a cat of an unknown breed, who lives with his owner Deanna in the United States and he’s about 1,5 years old.

This little guy is a very active cat since he was a little kitten. He loves cuddling and his favorite food is Purina Pro Plan Beef & Chicken Entree (that’s a very long name for food!). He’s a handsome and sweet little fella who likes a lot of attention. According to Deanna he brings happiness to the family. Isn’t that sweet?

Congratulations, Cheeto!

Do you want to be in Cat of the Month as well? Is your cat forcing you to submit a picture of him? Alright, I’ll tell you how you can do that.
1. Send a picture of your cat(s) to
2. Add some required information such as:
– Name (yours and your cat’s name)
– Age
– Country you and your cat are from
– Breed (Don’t worry if it’s unknown)
– Information you’d like to share. (For example: What are his hobbies, favorite food, crazy habits, What is he/she good at? Etc)
3. And hope your cat will be the “Cat of the Month“!
You can read everything here.

4 Responses to “Cat Of The Month – Cheeto”

  1. Bongo

    I would like to do something with all the cats at my house. I have two visitor cats plus the one that lives here all the time.

  2. Sid Dunnebacke

    Hi Cheeto – you’re a handsome fella. I congratulate your choice of humans, as they seem to be taking great care of you!


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