Cat Of The Month – Arya

Meet Arya (Aa – Ree – Ya), a gorgeous kitty who lives with her owner Viv in Johannesburg, South Africa. Arya means ‘noble’ in Sanskrit. Arya is an indoor cat only, but often tries to open the door to let herself out — smart!



Arya was the tiniest kitten of the litter, and the only girl. When Viv saw her, she was teaching her brother how to climb the stairs. Arya is Viv’s first kitten, so they still learn a lot from each other. “But every day brings wonderful experiences” Says Viv.

 Arya is a domestic short hair, but she looks a lot like a Russian Blue. In September 2013 she turned one year old! Her favorite treats are tuna, cream and sweet potatoes! Viv discovered she loves sweet potatoes after Arya had eaten hers off her plate!

Arya loves attacking plastic bags, and often falls asleep on the scene after playing! But that’s not all! Arya is quite the academic and she wants to become a Catologist one day. They study together a lot! Arya’s favorite books are recipe books — which she can read until she falls asleep!

Arya is also her travel planner and assistant… Although she often falls asleep on the job!

IMG_4112Arya is a foodie and is horrified when we run out of treats. But when it’s bedtime and nobody is watching her, she snuggles up against Viv and purrs herself to sleep. Arya wants to become a superhero, along with her Twitter buddies, Whitby and Spicy. Her only weakness is falling asleep in her superhero costume at the risk of compromising her secret identity!

She’s not a big fan of cuddling. She loves to keep up her reputation of being an independent and regal character.

Congratulations Arya for becoming Cat of the Month!

Do you want to be in Cat of the Month as well? Is your cat forcing you to submit a picture of him? Alright, I’ll tell you how you can do that.
1. Send a picture of your cat(s) to
2. Add some required information such as:
– Name (yours and your cat’s name)
– Age
– Country you and your cat are from
– Breed (Don’t worry if it’s unknown)
– Information you’d like to share. (For example: What are his hobbies, favorite food, crazy habits, What is he/she good at? Etc)
3. And hope your cat will be the “Cat of the Month“!
You can read everything here.

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