QUIZ TIME: The Answers

How was the quiz? Was it hard? I had so much fun watching the results! Well done! A lot of people knew the right answer. Curious what the correct answers are? Read on!

You can find the quiz here.

Question #1: What’s the technical term of a hairball?

The correct answer should be a ‘bezoar’. Felinus haarballus is a word I made up.

Question #2: A cat’s brain is more similar to…

The right answer is: The human brain. The cat’s brain is the most similar to our human brain.

Question #3: What can cause depression in cats?

A sneaky question. The answer I was looking for was ‘loneliness’. But the answer ‘wrong environment’ can also be seen as a good answer.

Signs in depression.

Question #4: Where can you find your cat’s scent glands?

Correct answer: tail area, paws and face-area. Cats also knead to mark their territory, and they use their scent glands to mark what is theirs. So when they knead on you, you may consider them marking you as theirs.

Photo by Tom Wachtel.

Photo by Tom Wachtel.

Question #5: The smallest cat breed?

This one was very difficult! A lot of people went for both the Singapura and the Munchkin.

Male Munchkins typically weigh between 6 to 9 pounds (3–4 kg).
Male Singapuras weight between 6-8 pounds.

That makes the Singapura the smallest.

Question #6: Why do kittens sleep so much?

I was hoping someone would go for: because being cute is extremely exhausting. Shame no one did! But the right answer why kittens sleep so much is because during their sleep the growth hormone is being released. Makes sense, right?

Question #7: How many bones are in a cat’s body?

The average cat has 230 bones in their body. When they are a kitten they have around 240. But grown up cats have 10 less bones.

Question #8: What does a quivering tail mean?

If I’m talking about a quivering tail, it’s that kind of quivering that cats make when they want to spray, it’s a quivering close to that. And that is an expression of love!

Body language
How to communicate with strange cats

Question #9: What happens if your cat lacks taurine in his diet?

Did you know this one? Cats go blind if they lack taurine in their diet. That is why it’s so important that if you feed them raw, that they still get taurine! Heart problems may also be a problem that can be caused by a lack of taurine.

Question #10: How do cats sweat?

Do cats sweat like we humans do? No, they don’t sweat through their armpits. Cats cool off by sweating through the pads on their paws. But those pads are too small to let the cat cool down completely. If you see your cat grooming himself a lot during the hot weather, this is also a way of cooling down. They lick their fur, leave saliva on their fur which then evaporates and cools them down.

The ins and outs of taurine.

Question #11: What does a wagging tail mean?

Unlike with dogs, when a cat wags his tail, it usually doesn’t mean he is happy, but angry. BUT — this is a sneaky question. What happens if your cat is playful or when he sees a bird in the sky he wants to catch? His tail is wagging. So both questions ‘angry’ and ‘playful’ are correct.

Question #12: How many toes has their back paws?

The correct answer should be 4, cats have 4 toes on their back paws.

Question #13: What’s something cats can’t taste?

Cats are unable to taste sweetness.

How many questions did you answer correctly?

8 Responses to “QUIZ TIME: The Answers”

  1. Kitties Blue

    We didn’t do the quiz, but are glad to see the questions and answers. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Connie

    raw meat has a lot of taurine in it.. the more the muscle is used, the more taurine it has, with the heart being the highest concentration of it. Generally when feeding raw you don’t need to add more taurine, but if you freeze it, then it isn’t a bad idea to add a little more as we have no idea how much is damaged when frozen..


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