Cat Grass

Most cats I have met in my life LOVE cat grass! But why? Why is it okay for cats to eat cat grass and why do they always say that it’s good for our kitties? Curious? Read on!


What Is Cat Grass?

Some cats tend to gnaw on the plants in the living room, to please their cat’s craving for fresh greens. While your own plants may be dangerous, there is another solution: Cat grass.

There are a few types of cat grass: oat grass, barley grass, rye grass and wheat grass. Cat grass contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that improve your cat’s overall health.  Cat grass that are a grows in a bright, healthy green color. It’s rich in chlorophyll — a natural mouth freshener, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Cat grass will help keep your cat’s digestion healthy, and helps moving hairballs along. Instead of coughing it up, hairballs are more likely to get out through the other exit.

Grass also has something in it called folic acid. This is much like mother’s milk. It’s an essential vitamin for a cat’s bodily functions and helps with the production of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that puts oxygen in the blood.


But Why?

There is no real answer, but there are a few good theories.

Some cats vomit when they eat grass, because they are unable to break down the grass inside their body. So they might be eating the grass to get rid of a hairball, or if you look deeper towards their wild uncles. They may need to get rid of edible and inedible parts that they got in their stomach from their prey (bones, fur, feathers)

Another idea is that grass works as a laxative, getting rid of a bad digestion. When fur isn’t thrown out through the mouth, it can go deep into the digestive tract and your cat may need a little help to break it down and get it out.

Do your cats love cat grass?



20 Responses to “Cat Grass”

      • Dennis

        I mean she did eat a little bit of it but I know her behaviour and when she loves anything… that behaviour would look different then. I guess she thought “Yea not bad, but I am not impressed” :D

  1. nadbugs

    I love the idea of grass but my black thumb means it doesn’t grow well. But Bugsy really needs the digestive help, for the reasons just as you describe them. So I feed him psyllium-husk fiber plus a hairball product. Seems to be working so far, mostly.

  2. Bassa's Blog

    I have never heard of cat grass Dianda. My kitten likes to nibble on house plants and a safer alternative, such as cat grass, would be much better.

  3. heretherebespiders

    Spot has started eating a TREE I have inside, so I better get him some.

    It is an odd question – why would an animal that is 100% a carnivore want to eat grass? I was under the impression that when they eat a whole rodent, they also eat the stomach contents of said deceased rodent. Which likely would include wheat, oats, barley or rye! So perhaps cats have evolved over thousands of years of controlling the rodent population for humans, and now they require this?


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