Interview: Marieke From Dierendialoog / AnimalDialogue

Like I explained in my previous post (where you can also win a reading from Marieke), I met Marieke last year, and she talks with animals. I had a little interview with her, because I was interested in what she was doing, and I thought it would be an interesting subject for my blog.

Interview With Marieke From DierenDialoog

Marieke has her own business, called DierenDialoog (Translated: AnimalDialogue). She communicates through telepathy with animals to help both the owner and their pets. People may approach her, for example: cats who always fight, or someone’s horse who suddenly acts different. Through telepathy, Marieke can find out what’s going on.


How did it all started?
“I had two cats, Joey and Maya and both were two years old. I knew there was “something” going on with me, but whatever it was, I didn’t want to know about it and have nothing to do with it. It was too scary so I locked myself away from it.

On my birthday Maya passed away– she was run over by a car. It was the birthday that I turned the same age as my mother when she passed away. I was standing at her grave the moment Maya got hit by a car. That day could not have been a coincidence. It didn’t feel good that Maya passed away on that day and I knew I had to do something with it. I started googling, not able to sleep or eat anymore.

Then I found out that animal-communicators exist — I didn’t know. I asked an animal-communicator to make contact with Maya as soon as possible. Fortunately this was possible the next day. He talked to her, and Maya said that it indeed was no coincidence and that — when I was ready — she would work with me.

But I wasn’t ready yet! I didn’t do anything with it for 4 or 5 years, it was too painful and scary. After that I didn’t wanted to let my cats go outside any more. But Maya’s brother Joey didn’t agree with that. He had to go outside, one way or another. So I did let him go outside and back inside now and then. At one point I got certain times in my head. For example: When I let Joey outside, I heard a time.”


Maya (Photo by Marieke from Dierendialoog)

“Joey was telling me how late he was going to be back when I let him out. In the beginning I thought I was going crazy, but I started to write it down. And he indeed was telling me how late he was going to be back home again. He would stand at my door the exact time. I thought that was very exceptional! I started testing to see I could affect that. Maybe I could make him come home earlier or later?

I also began to read books about it, to see how it worked, and I practised it. First on my own animals, and later on animals of my own. Until there was a moment where I thought: what now?

I wanted to learn it from the best, because I also wanted a sort of confirmation. And that’s when Marta Williams (known for her book: Learning Their Language) came to Holland. She came to give a few courses about animal communication. I followed her course and met her, and at the end of that course Marta said to me: you have to continue with this. What you hear, what comes through into you, it’s good. It’s meant to be.

That’s when I thought back to Maya, who said that she was going to work with me, when I was ready for it. That moment I thought: Yes, I am ready for it. And she still helps me today.

A few months after that I decided to make work of it, and start to help animals ánd their owners with that I can do, and to make it my work.”

Marieke's cat Diesel.

Marieke’s cat Diesel (Photo by Marieke van DierenDialoog)

Didn’t it felt like you were making things up, in the beginning?
“Yes, that was the hardest part, especially when I just started. You have to ask yourself, in how far is this my voice? It took a good 3 to 4 years to get out of my head. And it happens with falling and getting back up.”

“And there will always be information you can’t know, and you have to try to verify that. With some things I knew for sure — I wrote it down if I thought I wasn’t sure about it and verified it. Afterwards I figured out that it was indeed different from what I thought, and I remember that feeling for the next time. That’s how you can learn it. After a lot of practice you can feel those things stronger and eventually recognize that feeling.”

Are there moments that it’s just not working?
“Yes, but also when the owner doesn’t believe. On the other side I wish it didn’t work like that, so it would be easier to convince people. But on the other hand, it shows that animals are loyal to their owners. That if they feel that their human isn’t open to these kind of things, the animals won’t tell me anything. Right now I’m trying to find a way to break that through.”

I once worked with a dog and his owners. They were very sceptic, but still wanted to know some things. The dog told me so many things, but he turned his head away from me and kept a distance between me and him. I couldn’t come in contact with him. I tried moving closer to him, but that didn’t work either. I told his owners that this wasn’t going to work, as long as they didn’t believe. I told them that their dog told me things, of which I knew wasn’t correct. It was something completely different then what my intuition said. So they had to open up for it, or stop. They decided to open up more, and from that moment the dog changed his attitude and I finally could get in contact with him.


Jena (Photo by Marieke van DierenDialoog)

Do you ever get strange reactions when you tell what you do?
“Yes and no. What’s important for me, is that I feel  it myself, and that I really had contact with that animal. And if I know I had contact with that animal, spoke with it, and tell their owners about everything that comes out of that conversation, and they ignore that, then I find that unfortunate for the animal.


Joey (photo by Marieke van Dierendialoog)

I always tell people, if there are things they don’t understand, or don’t recognize to let me know. I can always ask the animal again, or to explain certain things.

I don’t care if people laugh about what I do. I care about the animals I can help.”

Is there a difference if people follow a religion, like Christian or Muslim?
I have a friend who is very, very Christian and he truly believes that animals have no soul.

“I think it has to do with how much you believe in something. If you would be very Muslim, or very Christian, there might not be a lot of space left for another belief. Even though this isn’t really religion or a belief, but more a point of view.”

What did you do before you became an animal communicator?
“I had a really good job at a marketing department.

It really felt like a ‘coming out’, when I announced that I wanted to make my job out of it. For a long time I didn’t tell people what I could, and for a while I did it next to my previous job. But at one point I thought: I just have to tell them. Especially since I also helped co-workers find their cat back, secretly during work.”

Sometimes dog owners come to be, because their dog doesn’t do what they want them to do — their dog doesn’t listen. I can’t force the dogs! Sometimes the dog behaves like that to let the owner know how he thinks about it. I can, however, look for another solution. And then it’s up to the owner to do something with it. Cat owners usually react better.

Didn’t you find it scary in the beginning?
“Yes, but I don’t regret it at all. Sometimes I’m very busy, or expected more (or less) from certain things. But it will always be like that. I like what I do.”

If you communicate with animals telepathically, do you hear your own voice?
“I hear another voice. I also feel that they are on a different frequency than mine. The voice comes through to me, through my head, neck or stomach, and from there it comes to me. With me it’s a combination of images, lots of images. But also words, sentences, clips/movies — like you talk to someone –, emotions and sometimes smell.

Everything has to match. Like, when an animal says he’s not afraid, but I do feel fear. Then I keep asking and try to find out why it doesn’t match. To name the things that you get through, and finding the right words is the most difficult to learn. But once you know how to do that, you can do anything. ”

“If you want to acknowledge that this exists, you have to acknowledge that an animal is a fully fledged animal. And some people have problems with that”.



You can win a free reading from Marieke.

6 Responses to “Interview: Marieke From Dierendialoog / AnimalDialogue”

  1. fozziemum

    I totally believe in this.. I have had many conversations with my pets all without saying a word…they have abilities as do we…we just need to listen :) …the only pet I really would want better communication with is Forrest ..I wish I knew the reasons for some of the things he does and how I could help him :) hugs Fozziemum xxx

    • Cats & Co

      In one of the links to the previous post you can win a ‘reading’! Maybe you win and get to find out what Forrest thinks? :)

  2. mythreemoggies

    I have trained mine all to talk as you know and I totally understand them. Seriously my boys are like dogs lol if I tell Henry to come here he comes to me :-)


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