Cat Of The Month – Jack Sinclair

I have totally forgotten about Cat of the Month. Mainly because I didn’t got much mails last year. But that changed! So I suppose It’s time for Cat of the Month again! I’m a bit late! But better late than never right?

Jack Sinclair

photoThis gorgeous kitty is Jack Sinclair. A two-year-old Siamese mix who lives with his owner Mary. Jack loves lounging in the bath tub!

He’s a shelter cat, and he has brought Mary nothing but joy! That’s what cats do, they bring us nothing but joy, and they make us happy.

Congrats, Jack Sinclair for being cat of the month!


Do you want to be in Cat of the Month as well? Is your cat forcing you to submit a picture of him? Alright, I’ll tell you how you can do that.
1. Send a picture of your cat(s) to
2. Add some required information such as:
– Name (yours and your cat’s name)
– Age
– Country you and your cat are from
– Breed (Don’t worry if it’s unknown)
– Information you’d like to share. (For example: What are his hobbies, favorite food, crazy habits, What is he/she good at? Etc)
3. And hope your cat will be the “Cat of the Month“!
You can read everything here.

7 Responses to “Cat Of The Month – Jack Sinclair”

  1. onespoiledcat

    Oh Jack……you brave guy hanging out in the bath tub! I’d be afraid my Mom would turn on the water before checking the tub first!!!! HAHAHA

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. fozziemum

    Oh Jack you are hilarious in that tub hahahaah way to go guy! and the spot on the fridge well…Cleo’s fave spot too! hugs Fozziemum and thanks guys for the great Cat of the month! xx


      He really is. I wish I could have shown how blue his eyes are. He gives me so much joy.


    Thanks for your reply Sammy. He is hilarious. He just seems to love the tub.


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