Money Tips

Who has a cat, has to pay. Whether it is food, litter box, vet bills or anything else that requires money. It’s a good idea to think about this before you’re getting a cat (or two!). It might be shocking to some people how much money goes out to a cat. Thinking about it you could have bought a nice car or go on a vacation if you saved up all that money for a year. So if you think about getting a cat, you should also think about your pocket. It’s not going to be cheap, but in the end you get a lot of things in return.

I know from experience that money is a sensitive subject. Especially in times like these, you should consider yourself lucky if you have a job and money on your bank account.


Tips To Safe Money

Insurance or a Monthly Contribution
An insurance may look cheap at first. But if nothing is ever wrong with your cat, it may end up a bit more expensive. If you pay 12 bucks every month, but your cat is never ill, it feels like a waste of money. But the time your cat is ill and needs medical attention, an insurance can be very helpful. Make sure to read everything about it, and what is insured and what isn’t.

A monthly contribution? Maybe contribution isn’t the correct word. You can, every month, add an amount of money to a special bank account for your cat(s). It’s up to you how much that is, and if you don’t have much to spare for a month, you can lower that amount. After a while, you may have saved up a lot of money, and it may come in handy when your cat is sick, or when you need to buy something important for him.

Spayed and Neutered
Yes, get your cat spayed or neutered!

Yes, puppies and kittens look very cute, but are very expensive! Your cat needs special food while she’s pregnant, and the kittens may need special care. A lot of unwanted animals are already put down in shelters, so neuter and spay!

Brush Those Teeth!
I hear you thinking: how can brushing teeth help save up money? By brushing your cats teeth regularly you help prevent decay. Ignoring dental health can end up in a hundred dollar bill — if not more. A toothbrush specially for cats and a good paste (toothpaste for cats only!) can help a lot.

Don’t Switch To A Cheaper Food Brand
Stick with the higher quality brands. The low quality brands have more fillers in then and your pet will have to eat more and will produce more waste. So in the long run, high quality food lasts longer. High quality food may also be more healthier than lower quality food. You don’t need to go with a brand that is super expensive, but also look at the ingredients list. Food that are high in protein will make your cat satisfied easier. You can also ask your vet for advice.

Keep Up With Routine Preventive Care
I’m not saying they need their vaccinations every year. That’s entirely up to you. But make sure they get a full check up every year. There might be something going on you don’t see, but your vet does. And you might be just time — and saving costs!


Don’t Skip On Flea/Worm-Treatment
Heartworm drugs, flea and tick treatments and things like that save thousands of money. Even if your cat is an inside that, he might still get fleas (I speak with experience).

It’s not only good for your cat’s blood circulation and bonding. But you also get a good opportunity to look at the body of your cat and examine it. You might feel lumps or other things that might not be there, and you might be just in time! It also prevents matted hair.

Expensive Beds?
No need to buy expensive cats. Simple pillows, your bed or the couch works just as fine. Or a box, a good fine simple box does miracles!

A Good Scratching Post
A good scratching post, a big one (or several ones), helps your cat to stretch his body and so he can climb. Big chance he won’t scratch the wallpaper off anymore (can’t guarantee this tho!) and save money on new wallpaper or paint.

You can save money on this — but it may be stinky! Newspaper snippers are cheaper than regular clumping litter. But does it work just as good? Ask around for options, some people are very, very creative if it’s about cat litter!

No need to buy super expensive toys. We all know cats are just as happy with a simple box or crumbled up paper balls than with a ball that’s an expensive design toy. Wooden spools and or a sock filled with catnip can be just as much fun!


No Stress
They say stress is bad for us, it’s also bad our kitties. Make sure their environment is stress-free. Stress can result in depression, or make your cat over groom himself (Boredom can do this too), or he can show other symptoms that can be a danger to his health.

Inside or Outside?
Outside cats have a higher risk in getting wounded or getting hit by a car. I’m not saying that inside cats never get ill, but cats that get outdoor may get hurt easier and leading to more vet-bills. That’s why it’s important to think about this before you get a cat. Inside or outside? And if he gets hit by a car; do you have enough money on your bank account for the vet?

Do you have some more tips on how to save money?


11 Responses to “Money Tips”

  1. hutchagoodlife

    It’s really interesting as a non-cat owner to see all the things you have to consider and it really does make me reconsider what I buy for the piggies. They do cost an awful lot but they give so much back, it’s worth it!

    ~ Amy

  2. Animalcouriers

    Everything about owning pets costs money. You need to think carefully before you take on any animal. Regular costs vary little but the unexpected vet bill can be frightening. If you can, put the pet insurance equivalent into a separate bank account each month – you’ll be surprised how quickly it adds up and is often way in excess of any extra bills you have in a year – most things aren’t covered by insurance anyway ;-)

    • Cats & Co

      True! We have an insurance for Hiro, but everything that happens with his right knee (the one he had surgery on) doesn’t include in the insurance!

      • Cats & Co

        Yes and no! It’s hard to explain. It’s cheaper in the end if you just have a seperated bank account and every month you add an amount to it. But what if you don’t have enough on that bank account yet? Or the costs are just too high, while they are covered by the insurance? You have to weight out the pros and cons. If your cat is not sick often, you may not need an insurance. Then there are also a lot of different insurances! Some may cover the same things, but may be cheaper or more expensive. I have an insurance for Hiro, he’s the ‘trouble’ kitty. :P And I don’t regret it at all.

  3. The Paris Cat

    Such a good article!! Only this morning I was debating putting Brucy on Whsikas… but then I realised that I need to stop having crazy thoughts ;) only the best for Brucy even if it means eating pasta all the time hahah

  4. Coccolino

    Very true, those costs definitely add up, no matter how you try to be careful. Better not to mess with things that could affect the health of a pet!

  5. ladysarahinlondon

    I think insurance is good though. My previous cat, did not have it as she was already old when we got her and no one would insure her. She got ill towards the end and the vet bill was quite crippling. When we got our kitten,( she is a cat now, ) the rescue place already had 3 months insurance with pet plan, and I just carried it on. Pet plan are pretty good I think…


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