Why Are Crazy Cat People Often Labeled As Socially Awkward?

It’s not the first time I read it, or hear it. In some infographics about cat- and dog-people, it is always said that most of the time a cat person is socially awkward.

I just saw a comment on my Facebook: someone said that a cat café is a place for socially awkward cat people and he’d never want to work there. Yes, perhaps it may be a weak spot here, because it really grinds my gears when people say that.

Photo by Screened.com

Photo by Screened.com.

Over the years I have met a lot of people, cat people, dog people, animal lovers. None of the people I have met were — in my opinion — socially awkward. I have met a lot of people here through my blog, most of them cat lovers: not socially awkward. Of course, through internet you may not notice someone having ‘poor’ social skills. But even the cat lovers I have met in real-life, are not socially awkward. In fact; they are pretty damn social.

What Is Social Awkward?

Right, being socially awkward, what does that mean?

  • Feeling nervous in social settings.
  • Not understanding social norms — They don’t know what’s appropriate for them to do and what’s not in a social situation.
  • Often have a different impact than intended.
  • The lack of conversation flow — Everybody has conversations that don’t flow, have awkward silences or end abruptly. But for socially awkward people, this is the rule, not the exception.
  • Frequently being avoided or ridiculed by others.
  • The lack of meaningful connections with others.

Does this sound like your typical cat lady perhaps? Maybe to you, but not to me. Everyone has their awkward moments, whether you have a dog, cat, piggy or a cow or horse — whatever! I have yet to meet a cat-lover, crazy cat person that is socially awkward — and I mean really socially awkward.

But why are cat people labelled as socially awkward? Is it because we don’t walk our cats and have a talk with everyone? Or because most cat people are “high educated”? Whatever that might mean these days… Perhaps because some cat people like to spend more time with cats, than with humans who are often rude or mean? Or because we talk to our cats and don’t care about cat hair? Don’t tell me dog owners don’t talk to their dogs and worry about dog hair. Why some people label us as socially awkward? I don’t know…

Photo by Puck90.

Photo by Puck90.

Is it obvious that this bothers me? I don’t really care, I just want to get this out of the world that not all cat-lovers are socially awkward or have poor social skills. So stop labelling us as such…!

What do you think? Are most crazy cat people socially awkward? And why?


36 Responses to “Why Are Crazy Cat People Often Labeled As Socially Awkward?”

      • Virgil T. Morant


        Well, I’m glad to say that, since my hair is long, it does get curly, but the curls don’t start until a certain length. When my hair was short, it was nothing compared to the fellow above. I tip my hat to him. He and I do have the admiration of our cats in common, though. My cat massages my beard every night when we go to bed. ;-) (And I believe this is proof of how socially well-adjusted I am.)

      • Cats & Co

        He massages your beard every night? I’d love to see that happening! Haha! Maybe your cat has a thing for beards? A beard fetish?

  1. heretherebespiders

    Okay! I do rather consider myself socially awkward, to be honest. It is a lot of work sometimes to figure out the ‘correct’ thing to say or do. Yes, I’m better with internet people as I have some time to think before I squawk out something completely inane. And, yes – I’m cat people first. But I’m also dog people, and lizard people, and snake people, and – gasp – spider people. I kinda figure my liking for those oddities sets me aside a lot more than cats would. 80% of the planet thinks I’m nuts because I like spiders. I’m sure the number gets smaller for snakes, and then lizards, and goes down to under double digits for dogs!

    • Cats & Co

      I like snakes and lizards! And dogs! But yes, internet makes it easier for people! Tho, I doubt your social skills are super poor! And even if you were, you don’t have to like cats for that! Right?

    • Tom Duhamel

      Until recently, I only really liked creatures with hair. Mammals. But over the last few years, I discovered quite a few interesting creatures and found that I like them, to some level.

      I don’t think I will ever really like spiders. Interesting creatures, obviously, though. When I was little, my fear of spiders could have killed me, it was ridiculous. I don’t fear them now, but it’s one of the few creature I wouldn’t touch.

      Beside, I love crabs. I really loved my experience with them, even if I gave them a terrible death by accident. I really want to rebuild my saltwater tank for the primary purpose of having crabs again, just not the same species. You know crabs and spiders are (nearly) of the same family? I’m not exactly an expert at taxonomy, but they have a common ancestor (I’m good at evolution though). I seem that spiders (unlike insects) have a central nervous system (what you could call a brain). People who have spiders as pet say these have a personality and moods. If that is the case, they would be a conscious creature. Why don’t you have spiders? You have empty tanks laying around.

      • heretherebespiders

        We let a female lay eggs in our bathroom last year, and then when the babies hatched left the window open so they could move on to new pastures (or gardens). I’d love to have another tarantula.

      • Tom Duhamel

        Did you check the classifieds? I see them sold for the price of the vivarium which comes with them. I got many rodents over the years, most of which were from classifieds. The rats I had last year, I got them for free from a classified, cage included, even an unopened food bag. The lady loved them, she just couldn’t take care of them anymore, she asked more question than I asked because she really wanted them to be in good hands. You really should look at classifieds. Warnings: You may well end up with several new unexpected friends if you hang there for too long.

  2. fozziemum

    My whole family are cat people..dog people sheep people…and none of us are socially awkward..hubby and three sons are musicians my daughter a street artist..me can’t shut me up bwahahaha so we certainly are not in that category..i think animal people are more gregarious…and with four cats I am a cat lady..and love it…:) hugs Fozziemum xxx

  3. Kitties Blue

    Mom says that she never heard that saying before. She was just at a party with her colleagues from Barn Cat Buddies and none of them are socially inept. Some dog person probably made up that saying. MOL. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Cats & Co

      But, it has nothing to do with your love for cats, right? I wouldn’t think you are tho! But I suppose internet makes things easier? :)

  4. ladysarahinlondon

    I had no idea that cat people are socially awkward…. Although always talking with my cat, I am perfectly capable of communication with any other animal- including most humans.


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