All I Want For Christmas Is…

All I want for Christmas is for the shelters to be empty, for every animal to have a roof above their head. For someone to take care of them, for them to be happy and to have enough food and water. For warmth during the cold winter months, and for shade and enough water during the heat of the summer. What I want for Christmas is no animal to be chained or caged. Someone to love them forever, someone who takes care for them when they are sick.

Photo by Slworking2.

Photo by Slworking2.

What I want for Christmas is for everyone to have enough money so they can bring their beloved pet to the vet when they need medical attention. I also wish for people to support TNR-programs, and other programs and funds that help animals ánd people in need.

What I wish for this Christmas is peace, and for poachers to stop poaching. For all animals to live in freedom, and for wars to stop. I wish that people have enough food and water, and for all those disasters and drama in Africa to go. And not just during the holidays, but forever.

Hopefully, Santa will make my wish come true this year.

What are your plans this Christmas?

14 Responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is…”

  1. fozziemum

    Well said and lets keep our everythings crossed for this too :) have a great Christmas hugs and loves Fozziemum and gang x

  2. onespoiledcat

    I think we ALL want the same thing for Christmas…..keeping the hope alive that one day this will be true keeps us all going. Merry Christmas to you all from all of us!

    Pam and Sam


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