Christmas Dangers: The Fake Tree

A real tree is dangerous to your cat. The needles can hurt their insides, the water is poisonous. So you thought a fake tree was better? I hate to burst your bubble, but even a fake tree isn’t 100% safe!

Photo by Jenny Spadafora.

Photo by Jenny Spadafora.

An Artificial Tree

Fire retardants are sprayed on artificial (and live trees) and that can be dangerous and possibly cause thyroid disease in cats. But if it’s eaten, it can cause intestinal blockage.

Also check if the tree does not contain PVC (polyvinyl chlorides), and the toxic chemical dioxin is released during PVC production. Most fake trees come with a warning label that advises to wash your hand after handling with the tree to prevent ingestion of the brain-damaging metal… You sure you want a fake tree?

PVC may cause a potentially fatal cancer in dogs ánd cats.

Basically, that’s all I can find about artificial trees! So if you have more information that I don’t know, feel free to comment below!

Do you have a real or fake tree?


12 Responses to “Christmas Dangers: The Fake Tree”

    • Cats & Co

      Christmas can be dangerous to animals. I don’t have a tree, cause I know my cats! It would never stay up for too long!

  1. Rebecca

    I have a fake tee… it belonged to my grandmother. I’ve started to come to the decision to just have a little $10 one frome Wal-Mart that I can place where my cats can’t get to it


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