My Cats Are My Babies, And That’s Okay…

If you own a cat, then you probably know what I mean. Whether you have one, three, eight or twelve. Your cats will most likely be your babies and you will do anything for them. If you have a child, then you know what we feel for our cat(s). While mothers love to talk about their precious babies, we like to talk about our precious (and furry) babies. And if that makes us a crazy cat lady/man, then I’m okay with that.

As a kid, I already loved animals. But I grew up with dogs.

As a kid, I already loved animals. But I grew up with dogs, rabbits, rats and cats.

I make sure they are not cold, I am willing to stay up all night to make sure they are okay if they are sick. And I am lucky my family and my boyfriends family are just as much of an animal lover then we are. When Hiro needed his knee surgery, we didn’t had the money. But some family members offered to pay for it instead. He needed it, even though the surgery was no success. When we took him back home, I actually had a movie night at the cinema with my best friend. I wanted to cancel it, to stay with Hiro all night. But I didn’t want to bail out on her, even though she would understand. But I knew how much she wanted to see that movie (the Rise of the Guardians). And my boyfriend was around too to keep an eye out. Even Suki was confused about what was going on.

I barely have a night in which I never wake up until the next morning. Because Hiro wants to cuddle, or he’s hungry or he simply wants to lick my hair and be annoying. Or Suki wants to sit on my chest or stomach. But that’s okay, I accept that. I rather have that, then lock our bedroom-door and have Suki scratching that door. We know how much she hates it to be alone, and to be locked away from us.

Instead of doing diapers, we have litter boxes. But that’s fine, most cat lovers don’t complain about that. Perhaps the smell? Not sure what smells worse, a cat or a baby (poop-wise)?

When they don’t want to eat, I get worried. When I think they don’t drink enough, I get worried. When I have this gut feeling that Hiro or Suki is not feeling well, I get worried too. I am an overprotective cat-mom, who worries too much. Heck, I even make sure they don’t get burned in the sun in the summer and check the kitchen twice before closing the door to make sure Suki or Hiro is not locked up inside!

For my parents. Amy is their child now that me and my sister don't live at home any more.

For my parents. Amy is their child now that me and my sister don’t live at home any more.

But I like it. I like caring for them, giving them food. Making sure they are okay and warm. I want them to be happy, that is what counts. But even we cat-owners make mistakes. No one(no parent) is perfect.

And while the people at my work love to talk about their human babies. I love to talk about my cats, and I don’t care if they think it’s stupid. Just like children, animals are a big responsibility. You can not leave them alone for a week, as they need to be fed. They need attention and love! They need to be played with, and as a kitten they need to be able to develop themselves, their character and what they are.

We also (or, at least I do), care about other people’s cats. If they are hurt, we are hurt and will sent them healing vibes and hope everything turns out okay. Because I know, as a cat-lover and owner, how much they love their cats, or dogs, or piggies or hamsters or birds. Yes, perhaps animals are like children. Both animals and children need to be treated with love and responsibility. But you get so much in return. They become a piece of you, a piece out of your heart, and no one can ever take that away, or replace that. It’s something that needs to be treasured and not be taken for granted.

People may call me stupid or crazy for treating my cats as children. That’s okay, because they don’t know what they’re missing out on.

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8 Responses to “My Cats Are My Babies, And That’s Okay…”

  1. Tom Duhamel

    I must type this with one hand because Tigra uses the other one as a pillow. She’s such a baby.

    I remember that time in the car, when I was talking about some of the stuff my cats did with my colleague. Another employee who was listening absentmindedly from the back thought I was weird and eventually asked: Are you talking about your children?


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