Cat Facts

Time for some cat facts again!

Photo by Shandi-Lee.

Photo by Shandi-Lee.

  • With cats stress can easily cause a bladder infection (which can lead to not using the box).
  • Cats kick with their hind legs (when they are holding a toy or something else), is because this is part of their hunting behavior.
  • Unlike humans, cats do not need to blink their eyes on a regular basis to keep their eyes lubricated.
  • Cats take between 20-40 breaths per minute.
  • According to Norse legend, the fine ribbon used to bind Fenrir was crafted by dwarfs from, among other items, the sound a cat makes when walking.
  • Cats have been blamed for the global extinction of 33 species.
  • Cats Sleep For 70 Percent of Their Lives.
  • Every night, Disneyland releases over 200 feral cats into the park to keep its rodent population under control. (source:

Photo Shandi-Lee

4 Responses to “Cat Facts”

  1. Steve

    Cool facts that I didn’t know. That explains why I never win staring competitions with my cats :)

  2. Steve

    Also, I find it difficult enough to get Bingo in from the garden so can’t imagine how hard it would be to round up 200 wild cats in Disneyworld each morning haha


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