Can’t Empty A Bag Without A Cat Sneaking Into It

Maybe some of you know exactly what I mean. When I come home, I empty a bag, put some stuff away and when I come back to put the bag, the bag is always on the ground, and there is always a cat on it, or in it.


14 Responses to “Can’t Empty A Bag Without A Cat Sneaking Into It”

  1. Andrea Kelly

    Oh yes! Every time! It’s like you bring them a present each time you come home from the store :) We usually leave one or two paper bags (without handles) around for jumping into and pushing across the floor- what fun! lol

  2. Tom Duhamel

    I second that. My cats must inspect all grocery bags or boxes that are brought in. I never let my reusable bags around, or they become full of hair and become unusable.


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