Review: Heart-Breakers + Little Giveaway

One the animal-market last weekend I bought snacks and food for the kitties from the brand Heart-Breakers and they are grain-free (BIG PLUS!). The cats love the snacks and the food, so I decided to do a little review about it.



Heart-Breakers make high quality soft food and snacks for cats and small dogs with 70% to 90% of meat or fish. The products are also sugar-free and guaranteed grain-free! Because of that, they are great for dogs or cats that have allergies, a sensitive stomach or can’t have gluten.

Dinner For One Day

For both cats and dogs Heart-Breakers created soft everyday-food. They come in small bags (100 gram for cats with a weight of 4-6kg), and one bag is meant for one day. For cats they come in various tastes: beef, salmon, duck or chicken and the Dinner for One Day contains 80% of meat. It also doesn’t contain aroma, dyes and preservatives.

It Also Contains:

  • Pyrofosfaten
    Great for dental care.
  • Vitamin B
    For a healthy coat and skin.
  • Bulking/dietary fibers
    Makes sure that the ingested hairs leave the cat’s body through the back.

The pieces aren’t too big, but aren’t too small either. They look easy to chew on and are soft’ish, they even look a bit moist, but they don’t feel moist. And they are shaped like hearts! Come on… That’s cute!

The thing I don’t like is that they come in bags that are meant for each day. This gives a lot of trash, and in my opinion that is not needed at all.

The Heart-Breakers Soft Snacks

The Heart-Breakers Soft Snacks are soft snacks with more than 90% of meat, and they come for cats and dogs in the tastes: Duck, beef, salmon and chicken. They are grain- and sugar-free.

The snacks are just as soft as the pieces from the Dinner for One Day. They don’t have a strong smell, yet, the cats love them! So if your cat has trouble chewing (or he’s an old cat with not much teeth left), these snacks might be a good alternative.

Suki and Hiro absolutely love the snacks, and I think the Dinner for One Day are a great addition to dry food. It doesn’t have a strong smell, it looks easy to digest and great for cats that may have a bit of trouble chewing (the food is semi-soft). But would I feed it to my cats everyday? No. I currently feed them Orijen, and it comes in one big bag, and that is just way more convenient to us and it gives less trash.

I’m giving away (worldwide) 2 bags of Heart-Breakers Dinner for One Day (for cats) and some more other goodies that your cat will love! All you have to do is leave a comment and make sure you fill in a working email-address.

I will make one winner known on Saturday the 23rd.
I will sent the winner an email for their address.



20 Responses to “Review: Heart-Breakers + Little Giveaway”

  1. Geraldine

    Oh, this couldn’t have come at a better time. :) Mr. Cheddar and I were just looking for a new snack option after I noted recently that Greenies has wheat FLOUR in it!!! He loves Greenies but that is not something you want to see on a cat treat ingredient list. Will definitely check these out, thanks for the review and contest.

    And do count me and the Chedster in for your contest:

    veggiecook@myway . com

    • Lidia

      Wheat flour? Indeed not something I want to see on the ingredient list. :( I’m not sure if Heart-breakers sells in the US too!

      Good luck! :D

  2. Tom Duhamel

    Oh shit! Too bad I’ve read this late, I was interested in the sweepstake, for once.

    I clicked Like when you mentioned about the problem of excess packaging. Animal lovers in general are nature lovers. What did they think to make one-day meals in small bags, rather than larger bags that last longer? I personally buy a bag so large that it feeds my three cats for a little over a month. I’ve been reusing the same container for like 5 years so I don’t need to reach for the large bag twice a day, instead I fill the container every 3-4 days I think.

    I have a problem about an everyday cat food that is “easy to chew”. Isn’t it going to weaker their teeth over time? Most brands are crunchy so it makes their little teeth work a bit, keeping them healthy.

    Is it a new brand, or just something you decided to try lately? How much does it cost to feed a cat everyday with it?

    • Cats & Co

      Yes, we have a container too that we refill, so we don’t have to grab into the big bag.

      They have to work to chew it. It’s not that soft that they can swallow it right away, but it’s not that hard that they have to gnaw it on it. I don’t even know how to explain, haha, but I understand what you mean. I personally wouldn’t use it as an everyday product.

      So far I know it’s new, i have never seen it on the market before. I myself bought it for 1 euro per bag, but on the internet the bags are 2 euros. And a pack of 7 bags costs 11,95. 7 days is one week, 4 weeks a month, that makes 47 euro something. :)

      • Tom Duhamel

        I understand what you mean regarding the chewing. Makes sense now.

        Ah the price isn’t bad, I expected it to be higher, in particular because it’s in smaller bags. Well, I might look into it if it’s package in more environmental friendly packages.

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