Bury or Cremation?

It’s not a very ‘happy’ subject, but it’s something that is difficult to avoid.

When I was at the animal market last Sunday, I came across a stand that offered information about when your beloved pet has passed away or is close to going over the rainbow bridge. What happens with your cat (or dog or other animal) if you leave it at your vet, after it has passed away? And what are your options?

When you decide to leave your animal at your vet, or leave it behind with the animal ambulance, this almost automatically (this is how it happens in Holland) means that the animal will be destructed. Before that he will end up in one big trash-bin with other animals and organic waste (example: from a butcher). Under high pressure the flesh is separated from the bones before it goes through a big incinerator. A lot of people have no idea what happens with their beloved pet after they had crossed over to the rainbow bridge, as they may leave them at the vet to deal with it.


It may not be allowed to bury your cat. Even if you do, there will always be this one question: What if I move? You can also hire a place on a cemetery that is specially used for pets. Doing that you have a legal place of ground for your pet, but on the long run it may be more expensive.

Here in Holland we have to hire a place in the cemetery. You can keep it for a certain amount of years, and even go for more years if the years that you were allowed to hire it have passed. But you need to pay for it every time.

Collective Cremation

Photo by Toucanradio.

Photo by Toucanradio.

With a collective cremation your cat or dog is cremated together with other animals in one big oven. The ash is collected, but not separated from each other. With this option the ash is never returned. At some pet crematorium places they will scatter the ash from the collective cremation on a special field.

Individual Cremation

With this option of cremation the body of your pet is cremated separated from the others. How this is done may vary per crematorium, but in some crematorium’s here in Holland they use metal walls in the oven so the ashes from the animals can’t get mixed up, they have their own place in the oven. This ash can be returned to you. You can keep the ash in a special urn, a piece of jewelry or scatter the ash when you want, on a special place.

Photo by Ken Schwarz

Photo by Ken Schwarz

8 Responses to “Bury or Cremation?”

  1. fozziemum

    We have our babies cremated and returned to us in beautiful little boxes,we can have them with us if we need to sell and move..the last one standing out of hubby and i will have the ashes cremated with them so we all will be together at the end .

  2. Tom Duhamel

    Interesting subject, really. There are a few options, and I respect every one’s believes and culture regarding death.

    All of my dead pets (gerbils, rats, crabs and fish) went to the trash. My cats will end up there, or anywhere the vet sends them if I need them euthanized.

    Obviously, you don’t want me to write an essay regarding death here, but basically I want my family to dispose of me the cheapest way which is legal, that would be a trash can if that was legal. As an adult, I’ve never been to any dead person ceremony, and that is unlikely to happen in the near future. I value life, not death. The Bible was right once: You are dust and you will return to dust. That is what death is to me. Seen Avatar? The culture of the Na’vi regarding death is very close to mine.

    You haven’t mentioned what was your option regarding your own pets.


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