Review: Cat Mate Water Fountain

Finally! I already had taken the photo’s, but totally forgot about doing this review! When our previous water fountain started leaking, we had to find a new one. After reading many reviews we found the Cat Mate Fountain. But is this fountain worth buying? Keep on reading to find that out!

Cat Mate

The Cat Mate Company focuses on your pet’s health and vitality, and both need a good dose of water. They developed a unique design that is quiet and is supposed to maximize the appeal to drink by providing multi-height drinking levels with plenty of water and water movement to make sure that the water stays cool, and naturally oxygenated. The filter is made of Polymer-carbon.

The water fountain works with a pump (well, doh..). It’s located where it has to pump the water up, and when it has reached the top it gets divided in several levels and creates a little water fall (you still follow me…?).

The Good Things

The big plus is probably the multi-height levels on the fountain. Suki likes to the drink from the lower level, while Hiro goes for the higher levels. But for older cats who can’t kneel or bend over much anymore, the higher levels are a great idea and it also holds a 70 fl (2 liters) ounce of water capacity.

The cord is about 10-foot (+/- 3 meters), which is pretty damn long (it also gets divided in two so you don’t have to take the entire cord with you), if you ask me and I really don’t see a bad thing in that. And the most important thing: It is quiet. We have it for a half year or longer now, and it still doesn’t make a noise!

Another big bonus point is that the fountain is super easy to clean and to put the pieces back together! I don’t think I even bothered looking into the manual.

It’s not a light-weight fountain. So your cat can not shove it around with their paws (Suki has tried).

Hover over the images for more information.

The Bad Things

The fountain is made of plastic. I always try to get food and water bowls that aren’t made of plastic. But most water fountains are made of plastic. Plastic can develop hairline cracks and hold bacteria, which can make your cats sick. So it is very important to keep it clean and refresh the water so now and then. I try to clean out the fountain every week (but I sometimes forget, I admit).

The filters are a bit expensive. But uh… we haven’t bothered to buy a new filter yet.

Would I recommend it?

Yes! My cats use it, it’s quiet, and I only have to refill it with a bit of water every two days. It’s easy to put the fountain back together, it’s easy to clean. A long cord, different drinking levels. What more do you want? I wish I had bought this one before, instead of the Cat-It fountain that started leaking after 6 months. Bah!


Do you have a water fountain?


14 Responses to “Review: Cat Mate Water Fountain”

  1. Animalcouriers

    Good to hear you like this make. Great idea to have multi levels for drinking. Our dogs and cats all use ours but I think Cat Mate sounds quieter than our Drinkwell. Mustn’t complain though as it beats the hell out of having to turn the kitchen tap on all the time :D

  2. Geraldine

    I like the idea of these but not the ones made of plastic. Having plastic water bowls for cats can cause health issues, like rashes etc. If I buy one of these, it will be stainless steel. Pricey but worth it. :)

  3. Tom Duhamel

    Do you remember how much they sell for? What are the dimensions?

    Can you take out the filter cartridge without having to empty the whole fountain? Sounds like a really good design if you can.

    I clean mine when the sound let me know cat hair have accumulated on the pump, which is about once a week. In any case, do not let it run for more than 14 days without a full cleanup, or the fountain will enter a nitrogen cycle (known an desirable for aquarists, but not something you want in your cat fountain). Basically, bacteria will settle to decompose the detritus and produce ammonia.

    Mostly any filter media manufacturer recommend changing them once a month. Waste of money. I use all my filter media for much longer than that. In my cat fountain, I change it when the carbon side of the media filter (the black side) begins breaking down into small shreds. And yes, they are somewhat expensive, but you can buy a larger pack and be fine for a year or more.

    Water fountains don’t get scratches like food bowls, so I’m less concerned about it being made of plastic. But still, I understand the concern.

    • Lidia

      Depends how much water you have in the fountain. But, yes you can. Just turn off the fountain and take off the top. :)

      Ehm, I believe we paid 40 euro’s for it.


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