Vertical Scratching

Something that I figured out over the years is vertical scratching on something that stands out (couch, curtains other furniture), is that it’s often a sign of stress or boredom. Suki does it when she is bored or we haven’t played with her for a while. It’s a quiet ‘cry’ for attention in our house.

Photo by Paul W.

Photo by Paul W.

Vertical scratching can be seen as a sign of stress. But it’s an expectation when your cat has one or two specific places in the house, usually hidden or in quiet spots, where he keeps his claws in good ‘condition’ by scratching.

Becomes the scratching more common and on visible places or on objects that stand out — like a couch? That this is usually a sign of stress or restless (but also boredom — from my experience).

Does your cat have favorite scratching places?

16 Responses to “Vertical Scratching”

  1. fozziemum

    Areas close to entrance and exit points are popular too as they mark with their we have mats that are not vertical but I notice the girls give them scratches on coming in ..I have an old ladder in the garden that is popular for scratching..and due to so many foster kittens over the years and the always changing feline visitors this meant our couch is …well put it this way..well loved!! again marking their space :)

  2. Kitties Blue

    We have several scratchers that are vertical that the kitties use. Some are on various cat trees/condos and others are free-standing. Does their use of these indicate stress as well? Janet

    • Lidia

      I don’t think so, personally. It’s a vertical scratcher after all. I think it usually counts if they do it on stuff that is not meant for scratching.

  3. Marie Anne

    One of our cats used to scratch the woodwork by the front door, despite the huge cat tower in the bedroom. After replacing the shredded woodwork, we put a small scratching post there. Cat hasn’t touched the wood since :)

  4. Dennis

    My cat did it sometimes on new things until she knows that it is not allowed. I got new red curtains and she was there… nothing happened with the curtains as they seem to be robust. In our case it must be curiosity. My cat is very curious. :)

  5. Tom Duhamel

    Catou made it an habit to scratch the living room chair. She knows it’s not allowed, I just need to look at her and she stops, but she does it every times I have my back turned. It’s like she cannot realize I do hear. I don’t know why she uses that spot rather than the actual scratching post, like the other cats. I’m pretty sure she receives all the attention that she needs. Treating with declawing her didn’t help, she doesn’t seem to be susceptible to treats.


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