Cat Species I’ve Never Heard Of

Last week Alienredqueen linked me to a websites that showed pictures of most cat species, wild cats mostly. I thought some of them were weird, and some of them were stunning, so beautiful! And there were some I had never seen before. This world truly has some amazing animals and I hope they never get extinct, because that would be a shame. They should be left alone, and I don’t think people should experiment with them or try to domesticate them. Their wild side is what’s so pretty about them.Their beauty should be kept, and not be experimented with. There are already a lot of cat breeds, and a lot of homeless cats.

But I really wanted to show you those species! So let’s go! (hover over the images to see the name)

Photo’s by
Jim Sanderson
Tambako the Jaguar
csgiriom (no website)
Joachim S. Müller
Spencer Wright

Have you ever heard of those cats?

20 Responses to “Cat Species I’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. hutchagoodlife

    They are gorgeous. Our hooman saw a species that’s not on there when she was at a zoo but she cannot remember what it is now! Maybe whee will get her to post the pigtures of it onto the blog soon ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

  2. fozziemum

    The Caracal and the clouded leopard I did but the rest no..what a wonderful variety :) all precious Foziemum xx

  3. Tom Duhamel

    I knew of the caracal from the Big Cat Rescue. I also knew of the sandcat from a magazine I read in my teenage — as far as I am aware, this is the only cat that lives in true sand desert and feeds mainly off lezards and such. I might have possibly saw the clouded leopard and the african golden, but I’m really not sure.

    Jaguarundi is interesting, never saw or heard of it before. It has very unusual features, very special face.

    I think the clouded leopard looks stunningly beautiful!


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