Happy World Animal Day!

World Animal Day. A day that we love our animals a bit more than usual. But also a day that we think about all those homeless animals out there in the world. Straying the streets, in the shelters with no loving home. No owners to hug them, or to give them treats. No roof above their head when it’s raining, and no warm house when it’s freezing outside. While there are already hundreds of funds and organizations out there who are working their asses off. People who are trapping cats for TNR, families who are fostering and organizations who try their best to get animals out of war-zones. I have deep respect for everyone who is working in an organization like that, or who opens their heart to the animals who have no home.

Here are some websites to help feed hungry animals by only clicking a button: The Animal Rescue Site, Freekibble.com.
Other useful website: 50 ways to save animals.

I hope everyone has a great World Animal Day! Give your cat or dog (or piggies or horses or rabbits) an extra hug and kiss. It’s never a bad thing to show some extra love!

Nile Z
SOS Animal

What are you going to do today on World Animal Day?

6 Responses to “Happy World Animal Day!”

  1. onespoiledcat

    Thanks for the reminder of how lucky those of us with forever homes are……so many other animals are without all the things we have. Mom says I’ll get extra hugs and kisses and treats today…..I just wish ALL animals could have the same thing!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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