Review: Petstages Firefly Mat

A long time ago I was offered discount on a new animal web shop. I looked around and saw the Petstages Firefly mat. I have some other Petstages toys lying around, which are great toys and last very long! I already had my doubts when I saw the mat, but I figured that Suki would love it, since she’s one who goes crazy for lights. So I ordered it! The shipping was fast, but perhaps the mat wasn’t what I expected.

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The Firefly Mat

The Firefly mat by petstages is a little blue mat with a bug pattern on it and it is made for kitties. When it is touched or stepped on it, the mat flashes random lights and it is supposed to keep kitty engaged by quiet during nighttime.

Random flashing lights keep kitty engaged but quiet during nighttime! According to Petstages the firefly mat offers silent nighttime activity for cats of all ages. Randomly flashing lights silently dance in the dark to captivate curious cats. The firefly mat has touch-activated LED’s which do not generate heat and turn off when kitty is finished playing. It’s not a really bright light, but should be bright enough to catch your cat’s attention. The mat is from polyester and measures 16-1/2″ -x 11″ (40.6-28 cm). It comes with batteries.

What I Don’t Like

I hate writing bad reviews, but I also hope to prevent other people from buying it. But who knows, your kitty might like it? For me it was 23 euro’s, which I thought was super expensive for something so small, especially if the cats don’t even like it. It’s not even used as a bed!

Another thing I don’t like is that it’s so small. Suki will lay on it, and the entire mat has disappeared. Or is Suki to big? Anyway, the price in combination with what you get doesn’t seem right to me. The mat isn’t big enough and the lights don’t light up easily. Suki stood on it once and they didn’t light up. I really had to shake it a few good times to get the lights flickering.

It doesn’t catch my cat’s attention. Suki who is a sucker for flashing lights (reflecting sun, the laser dot, you name it), didn’t like it and Hiro didn’t even pay attention to it. It’s just laying there, catching dust. Another thing that I was missing is an anti-slip fabric at the bottom of the mat. The whole thing is made of polyester, and that’s pretty slippery on a floor that isn’t carpet. Imagine you’re cat sliding around the room with that mat.

What I Did Like

Let’s talk about the battery. It’s on top of the mat, and it’s not really big or not heavy. It’s easy to take the batteries out and put new ones in, but you do need a screwdriver. The kind of batteries needed are LR44 1.5V batteries.


Other things I liked about the mat was the idea. You have to admit that the idea behind it is pretty good. Keeping cats occupied by little lights that flash up in the dark. It doesn’t sound like it’s bound to fail! But sadly the cats didn’t like it that much as they probably hoped. And I’m not the only one, there are tons of reviews that say that their cat is not interested in it.

The pattern with the bugs on it is cute. Actually, I think the design is cute: little bugs that light up.

IMG_2111Would I Recommend It?

No. No I wouldn’t. It feels like a waste of money. The cats are not interested in it, and if you look around the Internet some more you’ll find out that there are more people who think the same way about it (tho, there are also some positive reviews!). But in the end it’s just laying there, and the cats don’t do anything with it anymore. They don’t lie on it, they don’t stand on it. It’s no interesting. Even if it’s dark and I touch it to make the mat light up, Suki is staring at it, but doesn’t make an attempt to catch those ‘bugs’ on the mat. I believe she went back to sleep after a while, haha. Hiro isn’t even interested in it at all. He sniffed it and that was it.

But products like this wish I had read reviews about it! Oh well!

Would your kitty like this mat?

8 Responses to “Review: Petstages Firefly Mat”

  1. onespoiledcat

    Great honest review! Sam wouldn’t have the slightest interest in it I don’t believe….however I do agree with you that the idea and design is cute with the lightning bugs.



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