Review: Neko Flies

I’ve meant to do this review for a time now. But I don’t know, I wasn’t in the mood to write it all out and I hadn’t made pictures yet. But now I am! And this time it’s about the Neko Flies. A cat toy you may have seen around on the internet, I believe Jackson Galaxy uses the Neko Flies in his shows too. I decided to get one myself as well!

About The Neko Flies

The Neko Flies is made by Nekochan Enterprises Inc. They are specialized in the developing unique and high quality pet products.

Ellen, a cat owner, was bored with the toys available on the cat-market and she decided to create a toy would measure up to her cats needs. Ellen started the process in 2007 to design a unique line of interactive toys for cats and formed her company Nekochan Enterprises Inc. The company is named after her mother’s Abyssinian cat called ‘Nekochan’. The Neko Flies is meant to fit the needs of all cats and their owners.


According to Nekochan Enterprises Inc the Nekoflies is supposed to look realistic with life-like movements, appealing to a cat’s natural hunting instinct, quality hand crafted workmanship, durability and safety, fun interactive bonding experiences and good for your cats exercise.

Our Experience

IMG_2090The Neko Flies comes two parts. The rod and the strings that should get attached to the rod with a easy clip. On those strings is a little ‘critter’ attached and they come in various versions (so you only buy one rod and can buy more strings for variation). You got the Kragonfly, The Kattipede, Katarantula, Foxifur, Kittycada, Kiticatterfly and the original Kittenator.They all have their own unique features. Such as the kitticatterfly has fluttering iridescent wings, and the kattipede is super jiggly.

I bought the Foxifur and the Katarantula this year spring. The Foxifur is a big favorite with both Suki and Hiro. The Katarantula is fun too, but it needs more stimulation. I really have to put effort in it, make it move around like a little insect or mouse. Move close to the walls, hide, and then suddenly dash to the other side of the room for another hide out. It drives them crazy! I can’t just fling it around, I really have to get the cats interested.

The Foxifur is another story. The moment I take it out they’re at my feet, excited to play.

Things I Didn’t Like

Let’s start with the price. I don’t know the exact prices in America. But I had to buy it from E-bay to find a reasonable price. Here in Holland they cost around 16 or 18 euros. On Amazon they are around 19 dollars, on e-bay they are around 11 and 19 dollars. The thing that frustrated me the most is that you have to buy the things separated on most websites. So you pay for the rod, and you pay for the string and that makes the price become pretty high. But is it worth it? YES! No doubt about that!

Another thing is the legs from the Katarantula. It’s a little spider insect-like thing that’s on the end of the string. The legs are made from rubber, and can easily be chewed off and ingested. But in return there are many other attachments that you can try out, or you can cut off the legs but I think that loses the fun of the attachment.


It has already lost one ‘leg’.

Another thing I noticed with Hiro and the Foxifur is that I can’t right away play with the Foxifur. It looks like Hiro has a high prey drive? Does that even exist? Or maybe it’s territorial, I’m not entirely sure. He wants to catch it, and once he has it, he walks off growling with the Foxifur still in his mouth. No way he wants to let go of it. Ever.

Things I Do Like

It makes the cats go crazy! I actually can get Suki to play along. She loves both the Foxifur and the Katarantula. She isn’t a big player like Hiro is, but once she got it, she will go crazy with it. It gets the laziest cat off his ass! So yes, it is a great exercise for your cats, especially if they need to lose some pounds.

The rod isn’t heavy and it lays comfortable in your hands. Doesn’t slip out of your hands easily either. It’s sturdy and long and you can easily fling it around.

The rod.

The rod.

Another thing I absolutely love and is very handy is the clip with which you can attach the string to the rod. The Foxifur has another clip as the Katarantula, but both are very handy. You just click it on the rod if you want to switch strings and you’re ready to play! (click the pictures to make them bigger).

Would I Recommend it?

Yes, I would! It’s a great way to bond with your pet. It’s a good exercise, and even though it may be a bit expensive it really is worth it. Suki and Hiro are rough players (especially Hiro), and many rods and strings have broken through out the years. This one looks like it can handle the rough play and that’s exactly what I need. I really hope to try out more attachments in the future.

The Neko Flies did what it said it would. It’s durable, it’s good for the exercise and it gets the true hunter out of your cat.

Do you have a Neko Flies? And do your cats love it?

21 Responses to “Review: Neko Flies”

  1. minlit

    Looks good, but my crew just go for real flies….. Apparently, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of a bluebottle buzzing right inside your mouth ;)

  2. Kitties Blue

    We’ve read about these, seen them on other blogs and watched Jackson Galaxy use them, but have never tried them ourselves. Looks like another thing we need to add to our Santa Claws list. Thanks for the video and reviewing. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  3. Gobi Obi

    my lot love summer and early autumn because of the real flies and moths and creepy things. They won’t like the winter when there’s no creepies to chase.

    • Dianda

      There aren’t much bugs around here during the summer. But I’m expecting lots of spiders this Autumn. So they’ll have a bit of fun again. ;)

  4. nadbugs

    These are a must-have. I bought the whole smorgasbord of them when I was studying for the bar exam and am so glad I did. Don’t worry about the rubber legs. Bugs has not yet detached any of them and let me tell you he goes after these. They are extremely well-made and beautiful. I don’t even bother with the wand — just use the string. Saves time, because my boys won’t wait! They love these. Especially the ones with the shiny wings.

  5. Laura

    My cats have the Kittenator, the Kragonfly, and the Kittycada. The Kittenator resembles a mouse (it looks very similar to your Foxifur), and the other two look like insects. My cats generally ignore the mouse-like one but love the bug-like ones, especially if I keep them hovering with the ends of their legs or wings just barely touching the floor.

    • Dianda

      I wanted the kittenator! But that one was sold out where I bought it. :( Sadly it’s not available in our stores, but only in certain webshops.


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