Depression in Cats

Just like humans cats can get depressed as well. If you think your cat may be depressed it’s important to see your vet about that, it could have a medical reason.


What causes depression? What can cause depression in humans can most likely affect cats as well. Think about the death of a family members or animal companion, family crisis, divorce or big changes. When someone in the household passes away, or someone is leaving because of a divorce, people get caught up in their own stuff, leaving their cat on his own for a long time with little to no contact. Your cat may already be confused because he doesn’t know why that one person or family member is suddenly gone and not coming back. Your cat also feels and is aware how the others are behaving. For a long time no one notices him when he needs attention or reassurance.


It’s normal that in situations of a family member passing away, the routine is broken. And the cat may end up feeling invisible. He starts to keep to himself and the depression grows. It’s essential to keep the routine going on. You can’t explain your cat what is going on, all he knows is that you are mourning, and he’s probably mourning just like your are. Even if it’s difficult, try to keep up with his routines. He needs to be played with, especially in those kind of situations. But he also needs to be groomed and affection — lots of it.

It doesn’t need to be the passing of a family member. The cause of depression can be something small, something you don’t easily notice. But things like a sudden crazy schedule at work can be the reason as well. You barely have time for yourself, let alone your kitty. You get home later than usual and not really waiting for a needy-cat. He may be rejected by you and over time he stops greeting you when you get home, or he’s not even interested in playing anymore.

Depression can start a chain reaction that lead to barely any appetite, lethargy, and no grooming. Your cat’s immune system is getting weaker, making him more vulnerable for diseases.

Did you know cats could get depressed too?

Twisted Whiskers by Pamela Johnson

19 Responses to “Depression in Cats”

  1. Kitties Blue

    We all know that cats do not like change so it is easy to understand that they can become depressed. Do you plan to share additional info on this subject? Janet

    • Dianda

      I am! I already got some posts about it scheduled next week! Didn’t want to put it one week. As depression (for cats and humans) is a pretty dark and heavy subject.

  2. hairballexpress

    Thanks fur calling attention to kat depression. My human and I are very close and I get depressed if it seems like she’s too tied up with other humans and with the Creature to play with me.

    But lucky fur me, she tries really hard to always take time for me.


  3. humphreyharriet

    Interesting subject. At times when you are busy or feeling blue patting and talking to your cat can help to put things back in perspective – good contact for you and good contact for your cat.

  4. Geraldine

    sometimes it’s about loneliness too. I had a gorgeous cat years ago: Tasha who was getting more and more lethargic, eating less etc…My very wise vet asked if Tasha was alone quite a bit, after a thorough check up. I was working long hours those days and yes, she had been alone a lot. Got her a new feline pal and within a week, she was back to her former , sunny self. Good advice here.


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