What’s The Biggest (Domestic) Cat Breed?

A question for all my cat lovers around the world! Time for a little quiz to start the weekend with! Do you know what the biggest cat breed is? If you want to know the answer, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

Norwegian Forest Cat by Rabblefish.

Norwegian Forest Cat by Rabblefish.

Curious what the cats look like? Maine Coon, Savannah, Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian.

Do you know the answer?

13 Responses to “What’s The Biggest (Domestic) Cat Breed?”

    • Dianda

      They are considered a domestic hybrid cat. But they are accepted as an official cat breed. So I think they fit right in the list. ;)

      • ScorpionGlow

        I didn’t say they don’t fit on the list. As long as they can see a regular vet and receive regular vaccinations, as opposed to “exotic pet” vaccinations, they’re generally considered a domestic cat. That’s how it works with most hybrids. In some states, an F1 or F2 requires you to have a license, and in many cities and states they are still banned (Bengals, especially). I know this because I’m on a waiting list for a Savannah. It will probably be years because they’re so sought after. I’m looking for one with very specific coloring, but I’m looking forward to them being a part of the family. I think they’re incredible animals and as a cat person, I’m attracted to their size and affection for their people as well. =)

      • Dianda

        Oh, they are beautiful! But I also think they require a lot of attention and more! Not my kind of breed I think, and perhaps they’re not meant for everyone. They don’t seem like cats you just let them go their own way. They need to be stimulated. Right? I don’t have a lot if experience with Savannahs tho, so I could be wrong. :)

      • ScorpionGlow

        They’re like having another member of the family in the sense that they will sit with you, defend you, protect you, and just hang with you. They’re like dogs in larger cat bodies, but not all of them are like that. I fully believe they are a product of their environments. Some have an independent streak, but the one I am most familiar with is a sweetheart. She guards my Goddaughter as if she were her kitten, and she has since the baby came home. She’s only a little older age wise than my Goddaughter (who is 2 1/2), but Mystic just worships that little girl. She’s so sweet and gentle with her, and there’s so much love there.
        They do need to run around and play, yes. My friends take her on walks (on a harness, because she tends to intimidate the neighborhood dogs three times her size. She’s never even moved to harm them, but when she growls, she sounds like a Great Dane. It’s actually pretty funny, the only time she acts like that is if she doesn’t know who are, if you come too close to the family, or if it’s a dog that does not belong near the fence line. She’ll physically put herself in front of her family.) and she runs around the yard about several miles a day as long as you’re throwing a ball at her or she’s inspecting the grounds, so to speak. She’s very well-behaved indoors though. She sleeps in the baby’s room, she follows her all over the house, but there are also times she’s just hanging out watching the animals in the yard (squirrels, bunnies, etc.) through the windows or she’s observing you do things around the house. She’s exceptionally lovely and she’s great with their “regular” cat who is several years older than her. She is affectionate with everyone, but mostly the baby, I’d say.
        They’re definitely an “in your face” breed. I think they’re exceptional with children, which is why I want one. I want my babies to grow up with a Savannah so that they have my love for cats and so they know not to be afraid of a unique animal. Also, I’m not a dog person. I tried, but they’re just not meant for me or my life.

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