Indoor Cats

Indoor cats… It feels like a never-ending discussion. Can indoor cats be just as happy as outdoor cats? So every now and then people look at me confused when I tell them my cats are indoor cats. “Indoor cats? Why won’t you let them go outside?” So many reasons, they most likely don’t understand. So I usually ask them if they like cat-poop in their garden…


Inside Cats

Inside cats have a lifespan of 15 years, because they aren’t exposed to the dangers outside. But not all cats can get used to the life of an inside cat, they want to go hunting and explore the outside world. That’s why you should play with your cat to get rid of the built up energy they would’ve use outside if they were outside cats. Even though their territory is smaller, inside cats behave the same way as outside cats do.

It’s very important to keep your cat entertained. Play with him, interactive games and imitate the hunting outside with toys. Food mazes are a great option as well! If you don’t do anything with your cat, your cat might get bored, has a lot of built up energy going on. That energy may end up in behavior issues such as aggressive behavior or scratching.


Natural Activity

Hunting, scratching and climbing is a natural activity, and because some don’t like that kind of behavior it’s seen as a bad thing. That’s why in some countries the cats are de-clawed so the cats can’t ruin their favorite couches anymore or hang in the curtains. Owners with more sympathy understand that you can keep a cat inside, as long as you accept the consequences. A cat should be able to behave like a cat. And instead of to punish your cat, you can train him, play with him, and keep him from becoming bored. Put up shelves on the wall so they can jump around and go from high to low and offer places where your cat can scratch and stretch by putting scratching posts around the house. For inside cats, your house should be their heaven and their playground.


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Is your cat an indoor cat?

15 Responses to “Indoor Cats”

  1. Ted Hicks

    The llast shot shows (Suki? Hiro? – sorry) with a cord or thread in his/her mouth. This can cause real problems if a cat injests such material. The cat of a friend of mine ate a bunch of thread that got wrapped around her intestines. There was a huge vet bill involving surgery to resolve the problem.

  2. humphreyharriet

    Great post. My cat, Abbey, is an indoor cat and happily sits on her cat stand looking through the window and, as you say, has scratching posts in different rooms to use.

  3. The Paris Cat

    Love the post! How do food mazes work? Is it when you put dry food them in it and the cat is meant to get it out? Brucy doesn’t like dry food :(

  4. heretherebespiders

    Indoor for my boys. I’m sure my garden loving, cat poo hating next door neighbour is appreciative. But not many people in Ireland or the UK think cats can be happy inside – which means I know a lot of people who used to have cats that do not any more because of road deaths.


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