Lots of Grooming & Lots of Cleaning

Two Sundays back, we found fleas on the cats. Despite the fact we give them flea drops 4 or 3 times a year. Just like the cats, I hate those fleas. And when I find fleas or other small bugs, I go all OCD. I swear, I don’t have it. Even if I had, I’d be damn proud of it.

Over the weeks I cleaned the — entire — house 3 to 4 times. I gave the cats anti-flea drops from Advantage when we found out Frontline doesn’t do much. I sprayed the entire house with anti-flea spray. I vacuĆ¼m every day, I wash the sheets on almost a daily basis. I check my bed for fleas before going to bed, and I have locked down the bedroom for the cats for a good week. They didn’t like this. Scratched the door at night, lots of meowing. But because of the fleas, I just couldn’t let them in. Those fleas drive me crazy and make me paranoid.

Another thing I do on a daily basis is grooming the cats to check for fleas. This is another thing the cats don’t like. Hiro just walks away so grooming him is a mix of chasing him, grooming him while he walks and lifting his front pas off the floor so he can’t walk away. Sometimes he’s so hopeless he lets himself drop to the floor and not give a shit anymore.

Suki is a whole different case…

This was nothing with what she did over the couple of weeks.

This was nothing with what she did over the couple of weeks.

Suki hisses, growls, scratches and bites when we try to groom her. Why? I have no idea. I tried different methods such as grooming her while she’s eating, or giving her treats. But she either walks away or turn around on her belly so we can’t groom her, and every attempt to will be punished with sharp nails. All of this goes together with my flea-frustration and that’s not a good combination. Suki and I had a lot of arguments and ‘fights’.

I eventually have to hold her down by her scruff, and quickly make way with the flea-comb over her fur. Sides, back, neck, base at the tail. Then I have to lift her up a bit so she’s back on her feet and quickly do her belly. All of this together with growling, hissing and meowing. I hate it and I feel sorry for her. But it has to happen.

IMG_1874By now she recognized the sound of me grabbing the flea-comb. So Suki can hide under the couch or under the table.

I don’t want to jinx this, but so far we found much less fleas and I finally allowed them in the bedroom again. Mostly because Suki’s scratching on the door was driving my boyfriend CRAAA-ZY.

29 Responses to “Lots of Grooming & Lots of Cleaning”

    • Dianda

      We probably brought them inside ourselves. Since Suki & Hiro are both only inside cats. When I sprayed the hallway yesterday with anti-flea spray, I might have found a spot. I saw a few (active) fleas jumping out from there between the wooden wall. It has a few holes in it, lots of dust too. And Hiro spends a lot of time there. He was also the only one on who I kept finding fleas after using Advantage. I pretty much filled all the holes there with anti-flea spray. So if I find more fleas the couple of weeks. I’m afraid I have to burn this apartment down…

      (thats a joke, I swear)

  1. onespoiledcat

    Fleas! YUCK! Have not had a flea problem for years and years – not since I lived in Florida. It’s a huge problem to get rid of them so I sympathize – I also sympathize with the scratches and bites – Sam does that once in a while for some reason and my ankles and arms show proof of that fact! LOL Happy NO MORE FLEAS Sunday!


    • Dianda

      Suki is all fed up with me because of the grooming! In return she’ll sulk at my boyfriend about it. ;)

  2. nadbugs

    JEEZ. What a pain. So so sorry. Just turns your dang life upside down; nobody who hasn’t been through this misery could believe the uproar it causes. Just really, really, really lousy. To coin a phrase!! Maybe I should write about what I’ve been through, with fleas. It involved coffee-grounds and moth-balls. Oh heck. I can’t even bear thinking about it. Many good wishes & hopes you’re over this crisis. I inflict Advantage on my boys once monthly throughout flea season. It’s too awful to think of dosing them with pesticide — and it’s too awful to think of what happens when I don’t. (Fleas are RAMPANT here in the southeastern US — maybe not so bad in N. Europe? I hope not!!) I wish I could go the organic route but I am too chicken. NO FLEAS!!!

    • Dianda

      I’ve tried baking soda on the carpet, and I have yet to clean the floors with vinegar. (I’m a bit scared about using vinegar). Oh, god, coffee grounds and moth-balls. That has to smell awful. :(

      • nadbugs

        Yup. Awful. And poisonous (moth-balls). Just awful. Couldn’t live in my house for around one month. Great idea about the baking soda, by the way. If in doubt, use baking soda. Scared of vinegar? I hadn’t heard that — in fact, baking soda and vinegar are recommended for *everything*. Even cleaning drains. !!! They *foam* when you combine them. Crazy world.

  3. fortunecookiecat

    I understand what you feel… I only have one cat, but it is always extremely annoying when he has got fleas. Fortunately, he is as sweet as a lamb and doesn’t fight when we give him a Frontline anti-flea pipette (it makes me think that we need to do it tonight !) or when we catch him to pick fleas off his fur.
    Fleas are a pein !

  4. Animalcouriers

    Hope you caught them all! We had an infestation once when we brought a new stray kitten into the house. That took some beating. Youch for your poor hands :(

  5. hutchagoodlife

    OH dear. That’s not good. Whee usually like being groomed but whee feel Suki’s pain too.

    Hope you gets rid of those naughty bugs soon

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

  6. Kitties Blue

    We have used Advantage for years and now are down to doing it only once or twice a year. Either the kitties have built up a natural immunity to these nasty little bugs or we have somehow eliminated them from our yard and house. Our vet has suggested changing to Revolution as it also works for heart worm, but I am not messing with something that is working. Good luck. I hope your problem has been resolved for good. Janet

  7. peacelovenwhiskers

    My cats don’t mind the combing, I normally catch them when they are half asleep or very relaxed. That’s the best time to clip claws too. Also I let them sniff the comb, chew a bit on it and rub it. I’ve tried different cat combs and they like human combs better, the small black ones you can get at the dollar store. Not good for fleas, but they love it.

  8. LifeOfBun

    Again a refernce to my hamsters because I don’t have caaats i’m sorry >_< but it's always annoying when pets get something they can't take care of themselves isn't it. Then you want to do it for them but they usually don't understand you're doing it for their own goooood and then they squuuiirm and biite and scraaatch!

  9. fozziemum

    Hate them only time we ever had them was when I bought fosters home..so drops on everyone..we have cans of Flea bombs that we can use here..you have to vacate the house for a few hours and make sure the animals aren’t inside then set and run!! the bonus being you get nothing in the house for months..spiders,cockroaches everything :)

  10. Lenore

    I’m going through much the same down here in SW Florida. I was up until 2am cleaning the house (sweep, vacuum, then mop with Borax and vinegar, then apply flea spray to dry floor before allowing the cats in – room by room) and giving one of the cats a bath. (He was not happy.)

  11. Stephanie

    As fleas breed off the cats, they are only on the cat to feed, you need to attack the house not the cats. I used to live in Africa where the fleas have a shorter life cycle. Put mothballs in your vacuum cleaner and empty the vacuum cleaner every time you use it. Unfortunately nothing kills the eggs.

  12. heretherebespiders

    Poor everyone! I’ve never had a cat that didn’t love a brushing/combing – in fact it’s hard to brush my own hair without them begging me for a stroke or ten.

    Not seen one flea in Ireland – but my friend who fosters rescue greyhounds has had one dog come in from the kennel with dog fleas (not the same as cat fleas, in that they really just want dog blood). But I have horror stores from NW Florida that would make you run for the shower and put Advantage on the back of your own neck!


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