How To Find The Right Boarding Cattery

Written for The Anipaltimes.

It’s summer, and for most of us this means that we may go on a vacation. Having a cat might stop you from going on vacation. Maybe you don’t want to leave your cat alone, or you don’t have any family members who can cat-sit, or you haven’t found the right cattery yet. But how do you find the right cattery, when there are so many? Which things are important when you’re looking for one?

Close To You

Hiro lost a lot of weight in the cattery.

Hiro lost a lot of weight in the cattery.

What I did was write down all catteries that I could find in my province or outside. When I was done, I striped off all the catteries that were too far away, except for the five closest to me. This doesn’t mean you should forget about the other catteries (just in case you don’t like the other five). Keep them on “reserve”.

When you’re done with that, you can make an appointment to go over and have a look.


Cats are hygienic animals. So the cattery has to be clean too. How does it smell? How does the ground look? And how do the cats look — just as important. Don’t forget about the litter box and the food and water bowls. No matter how good the cattery may be, a dirty room will always leave a bad impression and it’s a sign that they don’t clean up well enough.

Ask yourself: Would I sleep here?


Ask the staff at the cattery what they feed the cats and how. Do they have special times they feed the cats or do they free-feed? Some cats don’t do well with free-feeding and tend to overeat. Keep this one in mind.


You can also ask what their routine is every morning. What do they do, what do they start with? Feeding the cats or doing the litter boxes first? You can also ask what they will do first when you bring your cat there.


Take a look at the design and interior. How does it look like? Cats shouldn’t be able to make contact with cats who don’t belong in the cattery. The sleeping parts and the outside parts should be separated. How’s the ventilation, and can they easily go from room to room? They also should have scratching posts and toys.


You can also look at the behavior of the cats that are already in the cattery. When I went looking for a cattery, the one we chose had happy cats. They were taken good care of. They approached us, didn’t seem shy or scared at all. They looked confident. Happy cats leave a good impression!

Plan B

Suki didn't wanted to eat once she got back home.

Suki didn’t wanted to eat once she got back home.

If you’re leaving the day after you bring your cats to the cattery, ask if they have a plan B in case something goes wrong with the cats. Perhaps your cat doesn’t like all the other cats and doesn’t do well with the stress. What is it they will do? The cattery I will bring my cats to has two special rooms with everything in it. Food, water, scratching post, toys and a sleeping bed. In case things don’t go as planned and the stress is getting too much, they can go in there and calm down.


Follow your instinct. If you think your cat won’t be doing good in a pension with other cats, isn’t used to other cats and will miss you — which may result in depression. Then you may want to keep your cats at home. Hire a cat-sitter or perhaps use family that will pet-sit your cat. That way you won’t move the cat out of his save environment.

Once you have found the right cattery, make sure you book early and bring along the needed information — then enjoy your vacation!

6 Responses to “How To Find The Right Boarding Cattery”

  1. Kitties Blue

    We don’t think we have anything like that available around here. We stay at home as we think y’all know and wouldn’t have it any other way. We do think you are providing good info for those with only one or two cats and have this option. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

  2. Charles Huss

    Whe have always found a cat-sitter but that may not always be possible. Thanks for the advice. I would assume they all require the cats to be vaccinated. I would not want my cat to get sick from another cat.

  3. angelswhisper2011

    That are some great tips, Dianda. We always have a cat-sitter in the house, when we’re on vacation, so Binky isn’t lonely and stressed out when we come home.

  4. LifeOfBun

    We only left our dog at a pension once, but that lady ran a private practice and only kept 3 dogs at a time, maximum, so every dog could get enough attention. That went great! Nooot so sure whether she would’ve been okay somewhere else though. That was one fierce little jack russell momma. The teenie tiny short hair she had stood up straight when someone came on her turf, LOL!


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