Cats With Dandruff

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Dandruff, something you maybe don’t really expect on a cat. But yes, cats can get dandruff too. I know Hiro has it. It’s not a disease, more a cause or a sign of maybe some medical things.

Dander vs. Dandruff

Dandruff are white flakes of (dry dead) skin in the fur. It stands out more on darker cats. It should not be confused with dander which is just the regular shedding from healthy skin.

Dander is both the cats saliva and dead skin cells. Dandruff on the other hand is allergic dermatitis that causes cat’s skin to itch and seem scaly.Though dander may not be good for people who are allergic to cats.


Signs that your cat has dandruff is when his skin is dry, itchy and flaky. This is the most common symptom. But depending on what causes is they can also get a red/inflamed skin or increased thirst and urination.


Dandruff can have many causes and some may need medical attention and some are easily fixed with home remedies.

  • Nutrition
    Cats may get dandruff when they don’t get enough nutrition in their food. Their food may lack the amount of o-mega 3 oil. This causes the skin to become dry and flake. A too fat diet can cause a greasy skin too.
  • Moisture
    We all know (right?) that cats don’t drink a lot of water. But they do need water to keep their body healthy. They can get their water/moisture from a water fountain, food and even from the environment like a humidifier.
  • Dry conditions
    This happens mostly during the winter.
  • Poor Grooming.
    This often happens with old cats (or obese) when they can’t groom themself anymore.
  • Medication
    Some medications may cause a dry and flaky skin.

Health Conditions

  • Parasites
    Like fleas, lice and mites and

  • Infection.
  • Feline Diabetes.
    This is mostly due to improper diet.
  • Obesity.
    Excessive amount of grease on the skin.
  • Allergies.
    your cat may be allergic to food or other environmental triggers.
  • Sunburn.
    Outdoor cats that are exposed to the sun for a long period can get sun burnt.

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4 Responses to “Cats With Dandruff”

  1. fozziemum

    The cats and dogs only get it when stressed out..a vet trip will bring it on for Forrest :( and then it just gets brushed out and goes :)


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