The Nebelung

The name Nebelung is probably from the German ‘Nebel’ which means fog or mist and a medieval Germanic saga the Nibelungenlied. Translated this means ‘The Song Of The Nibelungen’. A poem in Middle High German. The story tells about a dragon slayer, how he was murdered and how his wife took revenge. The first kittens of this breed were named Siegfried (1984) and Brunhilde (1985), named after the two main character of the story.

Copyright by V La

Copyright by V La.

On the first cat show in 1871 in Crystal Palace were already long-haired Blue cats from Russia with the same features as the Blue Russian and the Nebelung.  But it all started with the two kittens from America. They had features of a Blue Russian but with long hair. Their owner Cora Cobb was so impressed with the two that she contacted The International Cat Association. Supported by DR. Pfleuger, they wrote the breeding standard according to the blue Russian, but with a difference: coat length.

The Nebelung is a new but rare breed, with breeders in America, Canada, Russia and Europe.

Copyright by Maggie Osterberg.

Copyright by Maggie Osterberg.

This pretty boy has a long body and neck with long legs, Long coat and long tail. Everything is long about this cat. Slightly oval wide-set eyes that are usually green or yellow/green. Large pointed ears, sit atop a modified wedge-shaped head that’s rather pointed than rounded. It’s a long and well-muscled cat and the fur on the tail is usually longer than on the body. His soft double coat feels fine and silky and it’s a beautiful gray color and is tipped with silver. Males, (and some females) have a ruff around the neck. They don’t have tufts of hair on the ear but behind the ears, and the hind legs sport pantaloons. The adult coat reaches its full development when the cat is around two years old. The Nebelung can become 16 years or older.

They are happy and playful cats. Good-natured and intelligent as well and even though it’s an active cat they can stay indoor without problems. The Nebelung prefers their own family and is not really fond of strangers. They tend to bond with a few humans and stay loving and devoted throughout their lives. The Nebelung gladly accepts company of its owner or another cat. They like to communicate with their owners, and never hesitate to remind their owners of any problems. They can be very picky like litter and food types. He enjoys sitting in a lap and being petted and will follow its favorite person everywhere. This is a cat that likes routine and may need a little time to adjust to changes in the household. Early socialization can help it become more adaptable.

Even though their fur is long, They do need to be brushed, but it’s not necessary to do that every day.

Aren’t they pretty?

9 Responses to “The Nebelung”

  1. Tom Duhamel

    Thanks for not including Canada in America (sarcasm) :P

    From these pictures along, it seem like medium hair more than long hair (but I’m pretty sure medium isn’t an official category).

    Did you say long tail? I want one then :)

  2. janetblue

    We had never heard of this type of kitty, but seen many who resemble it in some way. Thanks for a very informative post. Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


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