Winner Pet Alert Sticker Giveaway

On Friday I reviewed the Pet Alert Sticker. At the end of the post I had a little giveaway for one of the Pet Alert Sticker. Today is the day to pick out a winner! (I used Excited? Continue reading!

And The Winner Is…

Copyright by Merlijn Hoek.

Copyright by Merlijn Hoek.

Congratulation Sheba’s Life Story!
I have already contacted you!

I will send you the Pet Alert Sticker, together with some goodies — pet related goodies!

You didn’t win? Not to worry, there will be more giveaways or contests in the future! So stay tuned!

8 Responses to “Winner Pet Alert Sticker Giveaway”

  1. Sheba's life story.

    Hi Dianda i can’t believe Sheba won, i spotted these stickers in a dog magazine but mislaid the article i thought they were from the dogs trust but after looking on there website i couldnt see them and a Google search didn’t help.

    I am so happy and relieved now, i suppose pets are the last thing on a firefighters mind, but them stickers might make them more aware. Every little helps.

    Thank you, Sheba and Ian.

    • Tom Duhamel

      I’m happy to tell you that you are wrong. Firefighters do care for pets and save some on many occasions. Of course, they will probably save humans first, but once everyone is safe they will go for the pets.

      Just this week-end, there had been a major fire in my city. On TV, the very last scene was one of a firefighter who spotted a cat on a balcony on one of the top floors. He deployed a ladder just to reach the balcony, recovered the cat and cleaned it (using some special soap the firefighters have for that purpose) and brought it back to its human. The cat was all that was left to that man. That and the dressing gown he wore.

      Congratulations on the winning! Knowing Dianda, the stuff which will be sent with the sticker will make a cat really happy. And the sticker will make the human feel safer.


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