Bad Breeders vs Good Breeders

There are so many breeders around, even though the shelters are filled with kitties that need a loving home. But if we’re talking about breeders, there are two different types of breeders. The good ones, and the bad ones. Here’s a little guideline to help you out.

Bad Breeders

  • By paying more, you can get a pedigree with the cat.
  • You will get your kitten on the most strange places. (think: parking lot).
  • Kittens end up scared of people and not socialized.
  • You have a choice out of many breeds and cats.
  • The breeder doesn’t ask about you and your backgrounds with cats or other information.
  • There are no legitimate papers about their parents and tests.
  • You can get the kitten when it’s younger than 12 weeks.
  • You won’t see the mother.
  • Kittens are not or only for a part vaccinated.
  • Not a member of a specified breeders-club. (like maine coons breeders are often a member of the Maine Coon club for example).
Copyright by Bookgrl

Copyright by Bookgrl.

Good Breeders

  • There will be a pedigree with the cat, for no extra costs.
  • You can go and visit the breeder to pick up the kitten.
  • Kittens have grown up in a friendly home and are used to people.
  • The breeder (often) focusses on one breed and doesn’t have too much cats in the house.
  • The breeder will ask you a lot of things before you selling you his cats.
  • The breeder will show you their papers of the kittens parents and more.
  • They will only give you the kitten when they are about 12 to 16 weeks old.
  • The mother is always around.
  • Member of a breeders-club.
  • Kittens are always vaccinated and microchipped.

Where did you got your cat from?


15 Responses to “Bad Breeders vs Good Breeders”

  1. Animalcouriers

    Your points are relevant to all breeders of cats or dogs. The longer you have to wait for your kitten/puppy the less likely it’s coming from a mill. Great post!

  2. heretherebespiders

    Lokii came from a good one – she ticked all the boxes except microchip, as it was discussed in advance (we visited when he was tiny, to pick the one we wanted) and we said it would be easier for us to have it done (we got him in Northern Ireland, so a different country). But he still had worms! I rang and told her, she was mortified.

  3. Penelope

    Great Post! Nellie came from a bad breeder. And sold to people who did not understand cats. She was abused, had no socialization skills and was a thoroughly nasty cat. It took a long time and lots of patience to get her to be the cat she is today. Kozmo, on the other hand, was dumped in a plastic bag, along with his litter mates at the Humane Society when they were 6 weeks old. They were socialized with people and other cats and he has been a great cat since day one.
    Bad breeders should be put out of business.
    Nellie’s Mom

  4. rumpydog

    If your heart is set on a particular breed, then it’s important to do your homework with a breeder. However, there are plenty of cats out there that need loving homes. Jen has never bought a cat, or even adopted one for that matter. Ours all just kinda showed up.

  5. spittythekitty

    Very interesting! The Human has never had a fancy kitty before ;-) She has always had strays and pound cats, but some purebred kitties are really beautiful.

  6. mollieandalfie

    Alfie turned up a stray on our window sill years ago.He is actually a color point, so the vet said, no one claimed him..So we got him chipped and neutered and he’s been here ever since :) xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie


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