Do Cats Love?

It’s Valentine’s day, and what isn’t a better subject to write about on v-day than love? Cats and love = the best combination ever! Yes, cats do love, but they show it in a total different way than we do! Read on and you’ll figure out!

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Cats let us know they are feeling good when they are purring. This can happen when they are on your lap, you are petting your cat or other occasions. Purring often means that your cat is in a state of euphoria.

Fact: Purring can also mean your cat is in pain.

Favorite Places

Where does your cat likes to sleep? In the room you are in too? Whether it be next to you on the couch, or on his or hers own pillow — by sleeping he puts himself in a vulnerable position. If your cat sleeps in the same room with you, it means he trusts you. And what is a greater gift than a cat who totally trusts you?

Slow Blinking

Cats give kisses with their eyes. When they blink slowly towards you, it’s a big sign that your cat loves you. If you want to show your cat you love him, give him a kitty kiss right back. Just give him that long stare and slow blink and see what happens. Maybe you’ll be exchanging kitty kisses!

Tho, cats usually don’t make eye contact with other cats or people they are unfamiliar with. To make friends with a strange cat, it’s a good thing to just look away and make no eye contact.


Many people don’t see it this way. But cats partly love with spraying. If your cat decides to spray your bed or other stuff that belongs to you with urine, you should consider it a back-handed compliment.

Cats use their own scent to calm themselves down. Cats who feel upset or have other issues with often spray areas that smell the most like their owners. For example: your bed.

Head Butting

Your cat is head butting you, his cheeks are rubbing you, he pushes against you and he leaves his scent all over you! He’s telling you that he likes you, and you’re his! Head butting, cheek rubbing and all that stuff is a sign of affection to other cats, dogs and their favorite people.


Belly Showing

When a cat is lying on his back and showing his belly. He’s putting himself in a very vulnerable position. When your cat is showing you his belly, it means that he trusts you completely! That’s a pretty big compliment, don’t you think?


Their front paws treading on soft surfaces, like they are making biscuits. It all goes back to when they were very little. Kitten paws kneas against the bother belly to induce milk to be released. Adult cats continue this kitten-behavior when they are feeling relaxed, content and loved. Kneading is an obvious expression of adoration.


You find a dead mouse/bird/other animal on your porch? That is a gift your cat has given to you! Don’t go all “EW” on it, you’ll offend him! He has worked really hard to catch that bird! But even indoor cats that are mighty hunters will catch everything — toys in general, sharing their bounty with the people they like. If they didn’t love you, they would not bring you those special gifts. So don’t get mad!

Play Time

What’s more fun than a good play session between you and your cat? Cats play because they simply love it, and it’s a part of learning. Some cats may actually control the interaction of petting by moving just out of reach—so YOU must go to THEM. Their most favorite playmate typically is a trusted, beloved companion: YOU.

Suki’s Way of Showing Love

sukiSuki will roll on her back, show her belly and cross her front paws and watch us. Dying for someone to pet her. Rubbing her belly will end up in a love-bite session.

Drooling. Suki drools when she is purring. So she does it when she is calm, happy and in a state of euphoria. She will also purr, and knead when she’s in a good mood and on your lap. And every night she sleeps next to my boyfriend on the bed.

Hiro’s Way of Expression His Love

hiroHiro will lick your hair, and cuddle up next to you and knead on your legs until you have no skin left. He will sometimes head-butt you, and watch you until you will play with him. He doesn’t sleep with us on the bed much, but only in the morning after he had his breakfast.

I don’t know if it’s a way of love, but if I forget to put my alarm on. Hiro will always wake me up in time!

How does your cat love?

24 Responses to “Do Cats Love?”

  1. Sid Dunnebacke

    I’ve had some major depression episodes lately, and every time, one or two or three of my kitties has sought me out and given me the love treatment: head butts, kneading, belly rub invitations… I’m convinced they sense my dark moments and come to cheer me up. They certainly don’t have to! That’s love, to me.

    We still 42 minutes to wait for it here, but… Happy valentine’s day, Dianda –

  2. onespoiledcat

    Purrrfect timing for a blog about love….and I agree that cats absolutely DO show their love and affection for their humans. Sam and I are BIG “eye-blink communicators” – we play wink – he winks left eye and I return then he does right eye and I return…I love it. A game YES but also I think it’s a sign of love. He also loves my lap….it’s “our time” when he’s napping on my lap. There are so many things that I consider to be a sign of his affection for both me and my husband. And we love every single tone of them!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    • Dianda

      Hihi, Hiro play the eye winking game as well. Especially when he’s in a cuddly mood. :)

      Hope you had a good V-day!

  3. Janet@TheCatOnMyHead

    Depending on the cat, all of us do a number of these things. Our most loving cat is Misty May with head butts, face rubbing and kneading. She adores having mom give her kisses all over her head. Astrid and Calista Jo are always in a competition to see who can pure the loudest. Purrs and hugs, the kitties at, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

  4. heretherebespiders

    Last night, Lokii came to bed with me. I curl on my left, e-book propped against hubby’s pillow. Lokii comes under the covers, and curls against me with his head under my chin and, as it happened, his whole head in my right hand. He fell asleep, purring, and after a while the purring dropped into silence. Then…a while later…a faint rumble started again. Neither he nor I had moved or made a sound – it was just him waking up a tiny bit and realising where he was and who he was with. That’s cat love for sure. 😻

  5. Lokii-Mon(ster) « heretherebespiders

    […] Wednesday night, Lokii came to bed with me. I always curl up on my left, with my iPad open to an e-book propped against hubby’s pillow. He Lokii-poked to get under the covers, and curled against my chest with his head under my chin and, as it happened, his whole head in my right hand. He fell asleep, purring, and after a while the purring dropped into silence. Then…a while later…a faint rumble started again. Neither he nor I had moved or made a sound – it was just him waking up a tiny bit and realising where he was and who he was with. That’s cat love for sure, and it gave me a much needed happy feeling after a hard day. (Apologies to Cats n Co for pretty much reposting my comment on her blog on ‘Do Cats Love?‘) […]


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