Cat Visits His Owners Grave

222Meet Toldo, a 3-year-old black and white cat from Montagnana, northern Italy. Toldo has visited his owner’s grave every day for the past year, leaving small presents at the grave. usually the gifts consist out of leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups or paper towels. His owner Iozzelli Renzo passed away on September 22, 2011.


It all started the day of the funeral, when the cat followed the coffin from the house to the cemetery. The next morning, Renzo’s widow Ada went to the grave again with her daughter where she found a sprig of acacia on the grave. She immediately thought that it was the cat.

That same night, Renzo’s son returned to the cemetery to visit his father’s grave. where he found Toldo at his father’s grave.

“Even today I went to the cemetery with Toldo. On the way back, someone I know told me the cat has already been there early this morning,” – Renzo’s widow Ada.

A Strong Bond

o-CAT-GIFTS-OWNERS-GRAVE-570Ada Says that her husband had a strong bond with Toldo. he adopted the cat from a cat colony when he was only three months old.

Sadly not everyone believes in the strong relationship between Toldo and his Owner. Ada says that people often try to shoo the cat away. There are people who throw stones and other things at the cat, convinced that the presence of the cat on the cemetery is desecration. But Toldo doesn’t give up and continues to visit the grave every day.

“My husband was very affectionate with him. Renzo loved animals. It’s almost as if Toldo would be grateful. He is a special cat, one can not help liking him” Ada said.


35 Responses to “Cat Visits His Owners Grave”

  1. viveka

    Just like the dogs in Japan and Scotland – amazing, talk about having a special bond – that is pure love and affection. Wonderful post.

  2. FeyGirl

    I had never heard this story…. How amazing. I’ve heard of the Japanese Hachi, so amazing — but never a kitty! So sweet. Kisses to the sweetheart.


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