Cat Facts

Saturday is Cat Facts day!

Humans Can Make Pets Sick
It’s not common, but it happens. The Swine Flu has hit cats, dogs and fetters — contracted from their sick owners. Most often its mild, but a few pets actually did die. Vets advice to wash your hands frequently.

Cats May Love Too Much
In other words: Separation anxiety. There’s a reason your sweet darling kitty pees on your clothes when you’re away. He loves you, he misses you. Other signs are: the cat paces, vocalize, or blocks the owners path to the door. When left alone your cat may vomit or be too worried.

Cats Will Not Always Land On Their Feet
This all depends on the height they fall down from. Beyond one or two stories, their feet cannot “break” the fall. Their heads and bodies collide with the ground, causing severe injuries. Any lower, and they cannot make the move to turn their body.

Cats Smell With Their Mouth
Inside a cat’s mouth you can find the Jacobson’s organ and it’s a small scent gland in the roof of the mouth. For a really good sniff of something like urine or another cat’s behind, they might open their mouths wide to draw the odor to this scent organ.

a cat making the turn to land on his feet.

a cat making the turn to land on his feet.

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