Holiday Safety – Tips From Each Other!

You can read both posts from last year here and here.

But the blogging-world is filled with smart people who always have great ideas!
I will put together a whole post with all the tips from everyone upcoming week.

So how do you protect your cats and other animals from the Christmas tree, food and decorations?

14 Responses to “Holiday Safety – Tips From Each Other!”

  1. kikicollateral

    Yadi doesn’t care much and there’s even cookies hanging in the tree!
    he’s a bit like “wutevs, been there. Tried to ruin that. getting too old for this” xD

  2. kirbysdawgblog

    I honestly haven’t really thought about it except trying my best o keep everything I can on a high high shelf. That or “Kirby no, no, no drop it…drop it”, *gets it out of his mouth in the end….seems to work!:)


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