A Furry Diary – Everything Goes Well!

Suki and Hiro are both doing fine! Last week Hiro threw up — this time not on the carpet! Because he probably ate too fast. We’ve watched him lately, and we found out he only eats too fast when he is really, really, REALLY hungry! We also found out that Suki steals his food…Hiro’s still on his diet together with Suki, and even though they both do really good, Hiro tends to ask for food non-stop during the day. I can’t give him smaller portions spread over the day, cause boyfriend and I both have a job… But it looks like he already lost a bit of weight! So that is good news! It means that is weak knee — which is doing super, super great — doesn’t have to carry so much weight anymore.

Without flash! Look how adorable she looks!

Without flash! Look how adorable she looks!

Looking pissed again with flash.

Evil glare.

On the night from Friday to Saturday we say Hiro and Suki sitting next to each other, being super cute. I actually managed to make several (!!) photo’s in time before Suki left!


Did you 'GHOST'?!


We had some family coming over today, to celebrate my early birthday, which is actually on Tuesday. But that’s when no one has time. Hiro did great during the time when my family was talking and drinking. He normally hides under the couch until they were gone. But he was sitting in the hallway, playing with Suki. So now and then peeking his head in the living room, like he wanted to say “I’m still here!” And head-butted the door, chairs and was curious. Just like Suki, who seems to like my nephew.

When they were gone in the evening, we did the dishes and cleaned a bit. When I came back in the living room, this is what I found… Hiro was so ‘excited’ with the visitors that he forgot to take his late afternoon nap after dinner.


34 Responses to “A Furry Diary – Everything Goes Well!”

  1. mythreemoggies

    We have same problem where Archie would eat nonstop if be could and Oscar likes to graze throughout the day. We have set times breakfast and dinner ( I occasionally sneak small food to Oscar when Archie is not around ( deep sleep upstairs :-)). We cannot leave the cats to eat on their own as Archie the food monster comes out and dives into the other two bowls lol. Archie aso puts weight on easy so we have to make sure we allocate playtime to keep him moving. This does help shift the weight xxx

  2. Animalcouriers

    Great news that Hiro is losing a little weight – so much better for him. It’s so difficult though, isn’t it, when you’ve got more than one cat!

    • Dianda

      Oh yes, Hiro isn’t the kind of cat that eats all his food in one time. He takes one break of ten minutes then continues. So we now have to make sure Suki doesn’t eat it. :P

  3. Janis Felidae

    Onset of winter in Germany and it´s very chilly, what means, I demand more food. Least four square meals daily or i become a very naughty nag MOL But more food is the only way to stay well and WARM during this cold period ;)

  4. onespoiledcat

    Great photos……Suki DOES look beautiful in that first shot….and happy to hear Hiro is losing some weight which of course will be helpful for that weak knee. Sammy has what the vet calls “a wonky knee” too but weight isn’t the issue – it’s related to his little bowed legs and extra toes!!


  5. baileyboatcat

    Happy early birthday! They look like they are enjoying your party! Glad Hiro is losing weight, he will be happier in the long run. Bisous Bailey

  6. HerkulesTheMagicalMysteryCat

    Reading about all your anticks, Hiro and Suki. Picking up some tips as I go along.. I also hide when there are visitors- but as soon as they leave I shoot out from under the bed to make sure they are no longer around, hiding in the larder or the broom cupboard. I don’t like having my home disturbed!


  7. lahgitana

    Happy birthday, Dianda! Celebrate a lot and make it Happy Birthday Season!

    You might try putting rocks in Hiro’s bowl–I learned that from nadbugs–it forces them to slow down because they have to search for the food bits.

    Or another bowl upside down on the food bowl–makes ’em have to work a bit…. Don’t know if this would frustrate a hungry kitty…??

  8. alienredqueen

    I think the scarfing food is Chloe’s problem too…or at least part of it. And you’re right, a little weight makes a big difference in such small animals,, so his knee should get a little better!

  9. Sid Dunnebacke

    Since I’m so behind reading everyone’s blogs, I didn’t get here until today, so I can say:
    Happy Birthday Dianda! I’m nine days before you (well, nine days and a good number of years).


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