A Flat Iris?

sukiogenHave you ever taken a closer look at your cats eyes? The front of their eyes are flat! You can especially see this if you look at your cat’s eyes from the side. The eyes are round just like us, but the iris doesn’t follow the shape, behind the transparent layer the iris is flat!

Google doesn’t know the answer, but Tom & I got a few theories.

Why do you think the iris of a cat would be flat?

13 Responses to “A Flat Iris?”

  1. alienredqueen

    It probably changes their depth perception in some way. I’d imagine it’s not just the iris…you know the pupil and everything as well… I have noticed that before too though

    • Dianda

      But the human iris looks different. It looks to me like its going with the rounding. Or the space between the retina and iris is bigger than with ours?

  2. heretherebespiders

    I had a cat once whose iris came OUT in an odd-shaped bulge. Asked the vet about it and he said it wasn’t a problem for the cat, but he was impressed I noticed (I was about 14). I would think flat or even slightly concave would help direct more light into the eye?

  3. angelswhisper2011

    I don’t know if the iris is flat, but I know that the lens is, it lays under the iris and breaks the light. My theorie on this question is, because his eyes can give light in the dark, they lighten up, it’s a reflection.


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