Cat of the Month – November

November is already over, and it’s almost Christmas! But not before this cat of the month!

Congratulations, Ade!

Ade, short of Adriana she’s named after a character from the Sopranos. She lives in Berlin with her owner Berlincatlady.

Ade was presumably born in May 2007. Her owner doesn’t know much more since she was found as a little kitten on the streets of Berlin. She got her from the animal shelter when she was still young and way too skinny. Of course, she fell for her immediately. Ade is a classic European house cat, no fancy breed like her brothers Cooper and Bosco.

Adriana was very ill at the beginning, suffering from a nasty cold. But BCL managed to bring her back to health. She turned into a feisty and proud young woman. Though she is only half as big as Cooper, she is way more fierce then he ever was. He’s more like a fluffy Teddy Bear.

Ade is very careful when it comes to human beings. She trusts her owner and is attached to her like to no other. She used to follow Berlincatlady around everywhere she went. It takes her a while to trust a human. But when she loves, she loves unconditionally. She kept her playful young self even as an adult. Always going nuts for ground beef and toy mice. She loved her huge Teddy bear on the balcony. And she loved to watch TV, particularly soccer, trying to catch the ball. Or cartoons. She was in love with WALL-E. She had a funny way of meowing, quite low and husky. Ade was her baby girl.

It helps coping and keeping her memory alive. She’s actually the reason I started blogging.

Now, something sad happened almost four months ago. On August 8 she disappeared. International cat day, of all days. It happened over night. She vanished from the balcony. Now, there is a cat net there. Yet she was gone in the morning, together with her favorite blanket which she had slept on. No idea if she managed to break the cat net or if someone did it and stole here. They spent hours, days, weeks looking for her. Nothing, no sign. And she is still very much missed. So does Cooper, he became literally depressed, wasn’t interested in playing anymore. They made the tough decision after two months to get him a new feline companion.

Yet she does not want to give up hope to find her beloved Ade again.

“I miss her with all of my being”.

You can visit her blog on

Congratulations Ade, I hope you will find your home back one day.

22 Responses to “Cat of the Month – November”

  1. heyitsjethere

    Hey Hiro, Hey Suki, Jet here. Hi Miss Dianda.

    OMD, that’s heartbreaking… Sending Jetty kisses and JJ hugs of hope and white light that the outcome is the highest good.


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