Happy Monday!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Caption Time!
How would you caption this picture?
You can add your caption for this picture in the comments below.

42 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

      • fluffypopcorn

        Hey Dianda! Whoaaa i didn’t know that! Thank you so much Dianda! Everypawdy can vOte once per day per ip address. :D Would it be okay ya try to vOte one last time for Poppy for today? :} *huggies*!

      • fluffypopcorn

        Thanks a whole lot Dianda!!!! :D Your vOte and support for Poppy is greatly appreciated :} Thank you! How have you been?

      • Dianda

        The site said I can only vote once a day. Awe. :(
        Do you know how many votes you already have?

        I’m doing alright! A bit husy here and there, but overal good! How about you and Popcorn? :) (I keep wondering, I couldn’t find it on your blog. Is popcorn a he?)

      • fluffypopcorn

        Oh boys…. Looks like you have already vOted for da day….! Everypawdy with one ip address can vOte once per day. I’m not too sure how many vOtes i have though.. The organizers did not say. :) We’re doing much better now Dianda. Thanks for asking. My grandpa, Poppy’s greatgrandpa wasn’t doing too well over the last few months and he slowly slipped away. Our whole family was trying to deal with the loss. But now we’re getting on well. :) Oh boy. mOm should have blogged about it! I hope this doesn’t hurt our chances! Popcorn is a her! teehee. But most people think she’s a he though!

      • Dianda

        Let’s hope you have enough votes to go to L.A!

        Oh, I’m so sorry about the loss. It’s good to know you’re getting well again. :( Was he sick? Or just old?

        I wasn’t sure, haha! I loved the video by the way. Really cute!

      • fluffypopcorn

        Yeah! I hope so too! Grandpa was admitted to hospital due to a fall but his condition deteriorated over the period of time while he was admitted. Then his lungs started to fail. But he left us due to a hole/leakage in his stomach wall. Grandpa was fighting for his life until the very end. At 86 years old, he opted for surgery despite knowing the very high risk involved due to his age and heart condition. But went ahead with his decision nonetheless. Grandpa was waiting for his surgeons and his body to be stabilized for surgery but he didn’t make it and left on the morning of the surgery. :( That was the most heartbreaking part of it all. Knowing that he really really wanted to give it a go, but couldn’t. The only comfort is that now we know he is in a much better place, free of pain and suffering. :) Wow. This is a long reply!! Thank you for listening Dianda. :) Appreciate it much! <3 I'm so happy that you loved da videOoo! Teehee. I loved da treats that mOm gave on videOooo making day!

      • Dianda

        Oh man, That sounds like a tough ride. :( He is in a better place now!

        Haha, i bet you liked the treats. ;)

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