Good News For Hiro

Just a quick update!

Just got bsck from the vet. Hiro was really upset, and it took us a while to get him into his carrier. Seriously, its like they know. I got up, wuth the thought to get Hiro into the carrier. Suki went to hide under the couch, and Hiro ran away from me…

But his blood his normal, everything looks normal. His liver, kidneys, everything. So he has no diabetes, and his thyroid glands are working perfectly.

The vet wants us to keep an eye on Hiro and his weight. He’ll be fine if ge loses 1 or 2 kg. So no treats anymore, and we’ll continue to supervise them during feeding time, and more exercise!

40 Responses to “Good News For Hiro”

  1. onespoiledcat

    Wonderful news! We were hoping Hiro would be just fine… carriers and vets are NO FUN but “a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!!”……even though you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving there you definitely have reason to be thankful !

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    • Dianda

      I wasn’t really worried, just like the vet said, she didn’t thought Hiro had diabetes, but the moment when they checked the blood, you never know what might come up with that. But I’m so relieved it’s all okay! — I’m sure Hiro is too! :)
      Thank you for worrying! Even though it wasn’t needed, but the thought was/is really appreciated!

      • lahgitana

        Perhaps we were sending Good Thoughts. I know what you mean about the blood work–that’s our life in that test tube!

        Yaaaay, AnitaBean jerky treats all around! In moderation, of course! <:-D

      • Dianda

        If you were sending Good thoughts, you are really good in sending those Good Thoughts! ;)
        I was a bit nervous, it’s those moments when you wait that you realize what they’re checking, and the things you’re scared of that your cat might have. But the vets were nice for us, offered us a cup of tea and all. :)

      • lahgitana

        awww, a cup of tea to make things easier…. the last time I took Calpurrnia to the veet and she was so sick, I just stood there with tears streaming down my face–I could have used that cuppa!

        She just came in and meowed at me–she’s so much better! We know how awful it is when family is ill!

  2. heyitsjethere

    Hey Hiro, Hey Suki, Jet here. Hi Miss Dianda.

    Yippee, yahoo, Hiro is A-Ok… Maybe we should run a “Biggest Loser in Blogville” competition!!!! (Do you know that program?)

  3. spittythekitty

    I myself HATE the PTU!! But very glad to hear that Hiro gotted good news from the Stabby Place! XOXOXO


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