Kitty Boinks

Two weeks ago I ordered toys that I have seen around the internet. They were cheap looked like fun and simple. So I decided to order some from (Dutch site).

“Kitty Boinks are flexible tube toys that will make cats go wild. When you squeeze them, Kitty Boinks shoot up to 30 feet, giving your favorite feline tons of exercise and excitement. Cats can’t seem to get enough of these fun flexible toys!”

That’s right. The Kitty Boink tubes are very flexible. I can bend them anyway I want, I can squeeze them together and let them shoot through the room.

Two Ways of Playing

With the Kitty Boinks there are two ways of playing.

Option one is compress them in your hand and release them to shoot. The website explains how to shoot the Kitty Boinks with one hand. But really, I need two to shoot them. It took me a while to figure out tho, but it’s actually really simple once you get the hang of it.

Option two is to tuck in the ends for a rolling toy. I tried this, but sadly it doesn’t seem to ‘tuck’ that well. But that shouldn’t make the Kitty Boinks less fun.

My attempt to ‘roll out’ the end for a rolling game.


I have two biters at home. Suki and Hiro are both the type of cats to bite in their toys until there is nothing left. I’ve played with the Kitty Boinks for two weeks now. And I’m surprised I’m still able to shoot it, without parts flying off. The only thing is, is that the ends of the Boinks might have a little bit, small sharp points of plastic poking out, or the wires might loosen up a bit — like ours, but they played really rough with it. So you might want to keep an eye out on your cat while he’s playing. I personally think my cats are able to bite off parts of the wires, but so far they haven’t done it yet. Parts of the plastic ‘wires’ haven’t let go yet. It’s always a good idea to watch your cat while he’s playing. I also noticed that when you don’t bend the ends outwards, the Boink will last longer.

It looks much worse now!

It’s supposed to look like this.

Types of Boinks

Boinks are actually toys for children. But the Kitty Boinks are especially made for cats. But there are more Boinks, but those are made for humans only, but the website says that cats might love them too!

Super Boinks – Super Boinks are longer than the classic Boinks, but a ton of fun to launch in the air! A 7″ long by 3/4″ wide flexible tube toy, which can be turned inside out for a kaleidoscope effect.

Classic Boink – Classic Boinks, the original toy, is one of a kind. Shorter in length than Super Boinks but they tend to fly faster and farther.

Compressed boink.

The Original Kitty Boinks now has a fresh new look. Don’t be fooled by cheap knocksoff from other countries that look similar. If you have a “Kitty Boinks” 1/2 gallon tub with our original cat label that says “Made in the USA by Endless Possibilities, Inc.,” that is ours. If it says: “Kitty ########” and it is in a domed plastic container, that is the cheap knockoff. Cheap imitations may be harmful to your Pet.


  • Cheap.
  • Many ways to plays with it.
  • Makes my cats go crazy.
  • Comes in many colors.
  • The Durability varies.
  • You can shoot them through the room.
  • Simple but fun.

Don’t Likes

  • The ends don’t bend that well as they say.
  • Cats might be able to chew off loose parts. If you have a biter.
  • The wired plastic wires that make the tube, might go loose at the ends.
  • Need to keep an eye on the ends. Loose ends, sharp points? Tho, if you don’t bend the ends so much outwards, the wires won’t loosen up so fast. Unless you have a biter.

Do My Cats Like It?

Oh yes they do! Suki likes to play with it on her own. Hiro rather wants me to shoot it away so he can chase it down. And I like it too, it’s fun to shoot it away, it’s fun to watch your cat play with it, and it’s not a dangerous toy. Would I recommend it? Yes and no, because the toy is so much fun, but the toy might have loose ends after a rough game play. But I think that if you supervise your cat, it will be just fine! Just make sure you buy more than one, and to throw it away when it’s falling apart, or have sharp points.

If you want more information you can take a look at their website

17 Responses to “Kitty Boinks”

  1. Mollie

    They look cool and I saw in the video, they shoot quite a long way, Alfie wouldn’t play with it, he’s getting boring. Mollie would like it but knowing her, she’d end up eating it. xx00xx
    Mollie and Alfie

  2. onespoiledcat

    Interesting little toy….reminds me a lot of a toy that was popular WAY BACK when I was a kid. You were to put your fingers in each end of the tube and pull and the tube – when pulled – wouldn’t let go of your fingers in the ends. As a little kid I found that amazing (duh!). I think it would be a fun and lightweight toy for a cat.


  3. Penelope

    We had some of those, but alas, my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon thought they were wonderful and tried to shred them. Then Mommy tooked them all away.


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