Doll Bed Or Cat Bed?

I say: Cat bed!

I saw this on last week, and I love the idea!

It’s an Ikea Duktig doll bed. It’s big enough (52cm x 36cm) for a cat or small dog to lay on. I’m planning to buy one in the future when I’m near the Ikea again. Cause I don’t feel like going there, and driving an hour only for a doll bed.

I would like to paint it in a color that we have a lot in the living room. Dark brown. And sew a pillow for onto the doll bed. Voila! Cat bed is created! I just have no idea where to leave it…

Take a look here for more ideas for scratching posts, litter box’s and more which you can find at Ikea.

18 Responses to “Doll Bed Or Cat Bed?”

  1. minlit

    Pretty sure there are places that do Ikea by mail. Have you looked for that product on e.bay? I’ve tried cat beds, but mine still like to find their own spots – a box of envelopes, an old jiffy bag, our bed, my handbag….No point trying to give them pre-ordained sleeping spots!

    • Dianda

      Ikea could send it to me by mail. But somehow I have to pay 30 bucks to get it sent my way.

      Ebay doesn’t have it. :(

      Haha, Suki and Hiro usually give it a try on their new sleeping spots. Especially if they are close to the radiator,. ;)

  2. catchatcaren

    that IS adorable bed and you could add your own fluffy pad to it. You could easily move it from room to room, wherever the kitties like it best

  3. niasunset

    Dear Dianda, I bought too from Ikea and still waiting for to paint and to make its liners… But my cat didn’t interest with this bed… :) Thank you, love, nia


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