Cats & Hygiene

When you have a cat it’s important to always keep the environment and the house clean. They have a litter box that needs to be cleaned, the house needs to be vacuumed and much more!

Cats Are Hygiene Animals

Cats are animals that will clean them self after each meal, after you have touched them. A big part of the day your cat might be spending grooming and cleaning himself. Cats are clean animals, they just don’t like dirty places.

Litter box

Even if you have an outdoor cat, it might be a good idea to also place a litter box indoor. So your cat can choose where to do his business. Scoop out the litter box daily so dirty smells don’t have a chance to get through your house. And clean the litter box every week or every two weeks. Not only new litter, but clean the entire box. Make sure you rinse off the soap.

A Better Nose

If you don’t smell it, your cat might smell it. If you don’t clean the litter box because you don’t smell anything dirty, your cat might. Your cat has a much stronger sense of smell than you have!

Carpet or Vinyl?

Remember that if you plan on getting a cat, that cats might get diarrhea or vomit. How do you plan on getting “accidents” out of the carpet? Vinyl is much easier to clean, even though there has been some diarrhea or vomit on it for a whole night, if you use the right things it doesn’t leave stains. And it’s easier to clean!

Sleeping Spots

Buy pillows, baskets or anything that are either made of fabric and can get into the washing machine without trouble, or buy baskets that are made of plastic/synthetic material, with a pillow in it that is easy to do in the wash machine. Baskets from plastic and other synthetic material are easier to clean. Wicker baskets on the other hand isn’t that easier to clean.

This also counts for carriers. The plastic ones are easier to clean if your cat happens to be so scared he pees in it.


It’s important to vacuüm at least once a week. Unless you want to have cat-hair EVERYWHERE. Don’t forget about the things you usually don’t vacuüm. Curtains, scratching posts, under the couch, your cats sleeping places, etc.

Anti-flea and worm pills

Make sure you give your cat anti-flea products and pills against worms to prevent parasites. Not only is that very important, but also going to your annual check up and to let your cat get a vaccination each year. Even if you have an indoor cat, it’s still important you get vaccinations for your cat, use anti-flea products and worm pills. Your cat might be indoor only, but you don’t know what you’re bringing home with you.

Worm your cat every half-year.


It’s a good idea if you buys toys that can be easily washed and cleaned or can be put in the washing machine. Clean them every once in a while.

Helping Your Cat

I’ve already told about how cats are hygiene animals and clean and groom them self. You can also help your cat by grooming him. Short-hair cats are fine with grooming once a week, but with long-haired cats it’s important to do it everyday to prevent hairballs.

Cats usually keep their eyes clean, but sometimes you have to help them. If your cat has dirt on the side of their eyes, you can clean this with a tissue, which you make a little wet in some cooked luke-warm water. Clean up the dirt by moving the tissue into the direction of the nose.

If your cat has often dirty eyes, this can be a sign of an infection. Medical care is needed.

You can do the same with their ears. If the auricle is dirty you can clean it with a tissue that you made a bit wet in some cooked luke-warm water. But never use a q-tip! With a q-tip you only push the dirty more into the ear, and you can damage the ear on the inside. And you don’t want that to happen!

If your cat scratches his ears or shakes with their head a lot, it could be a sign of ear infection. A vet can help you and tell you what to do if your cat has an ear infection.

To prevent tartar on your cats teeth you might want to brush it. Cats don’t like having their teeth brushed so it’s important to start it when your cat is still young. But there are also other option to keep tartar away from your cats teeth.

There is special paste that your can give your cat against tartar. The paste starts to foam and cleans your cats teeth. There are also special treats to prevent tartar, you can buy those treats in your local pet store.

How do you keep your house clean?

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20 Responses to “Cats & Hygiene”

  1. Mollie

    I hoover everyday..Urg! I wash Mollie and Alfies bedding once a week. I’m lucky as he doesn’t use a dirt box, he pops out the cat flap when he needs to go. I have been in some houses where they have dirt boxes, the stink..Why do people leave them festering for a week? You wouldn’t go to the toilet and not pull the chain..xx00xx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Dianda

      I try to clean the box here once a week, sometimes it happens every two week, sometimes a bit longer, I admit! But I ALWAYS scoop it out every day. But when I get visitors, i’ll make sure i’ll clean them. Because I don’t like it either when I visit someone and the first thing i smell is the litterbox! Buh.

  2. jimmie chew

    (i cant understand why i cant hit ‘like” , i have ‘error on page” when i go to your blog, maybe that has something to do with it)?

  3. Tom Duhamel

    Good post, one of your best ones lately. You appear to have thought a long time about this one and did quite a good searching session. Either that, or you happened to stumble upon a good article lately lol.

    Unlike my habit, I have nothing to add and no opinion against anything you wrote, I agree with absolutely everything.

    Personally, I make sure to rent apartments with no carpet, just plain floor, no matter if it’s wood or vinyl. As long as it’s easy to clean and won’t serve as a scratching area.

    Oh, by the way… When speaking of cats (plural) the word is “themselves”. Just one word, and the “f” becomes “ves” in plural. This one isn’t easy for non native English speakers (English is a second language to me too). I can totally imagine you trying different writings and be unable to figure why your auto-corrector kept underlining the word.

    Keep up the good work, Dianda!

    • Dianda

      Thanks Tom! Just trying to give my own twist to things. I usually find it very hard to create a new thing from existing articles, and I don’t want to copy paste! But I’m finally getting the feel of I think. :)

      Themselves? Thanks for letting me know! should chanfe it asap. ;) Its those tricky English things!

  4. itsapussycatslife

    Well Dianda… i am just a little ocd with my cats and cleaning… the house gets vaccumed and dusted daily to prevent build up of dust & hair.
    The kitty litter:- The poop gets taken out daily, the wee wee clumps gets scooped out every other day and the box gets cleaned properly once or twice a week depending on how it looks/smells.
    Angel gets a little muck in her eyes every other day but i think because she is white in colour it looks worse than it is, there is definatly no infection etc. But we always use a little wet cotton wool and clean them, same with Diesel if he needs it. And with their ears!
    We are genrally very clean people and our cats dont have chance to dirty anywhere lol!
    Hope your well hun, Kelly

    • Dianda

      Hi Kelly! I don’t think it’s bad to be OCD around cats. If I don’t vacuum or dust the place often, Hiro will get sneezing fits. So I don’t really have a choice, haha.

      sounds like you’re doing a good job! :)

  5. heretherebespiders

    Clean? What is this word? Hehehe. My sister made me a necklace with a Siamese on one side, and ‘an outfit is not complete without cat hair’ on the other. My dinner is also not complete without hair on the plate, it seems. I expect that upon my post-mortem I will be found to have a hairball in my stomach.

    I have no carpet at all, I’m terrible about cleaning the boxes, and every time I bring out the brush I am MOBBED by cat, cat, dog. And then I get hair in my eyes and suffer for hours.

    My cats like it when I rub their eyes! I mean rub the whole eye (closed of course). It’s weird. They clean eachother’s ears, too. Ick.

      • heretherebespiders

        Fun part about a Siamese is selective shedding, black hair on white clothes and white on the black clothes! But Spot is the biggest shedder, of the two cats.

      • Dianda

        Hiro sheds A LOT. And somehow white hair only… And we happen to have a lot of dark clothes…

      • Tom Duhamel

        For some reason, no matter the color of the cat, the loose hair is always the exact opposite color of your clothes.

      • Dianda

        Oh don’t even get me started on this one. I always try to keep my clothes hailess. But somehow it just doesn’t work!

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